Pinkys loves nature

Plans for the day (had a date with office – hey I’m passionate about my job!) failed when I overheard mum’s conversation on the phone with dunno-who. “Later meet 4pm @ the Salvation Army carpark right?”

Curiosity got the better of me. “Where are you going?” I asked. “The newly opened park at Dairy Farm” Mum replied. For the uninitiated, this was reported on Straits Times on Friday. (While doing research on Dairy Farm Nature Park, I realise NParks site isn’t iPhone friendly. Fail!)

And so I postponed my date to Monday =

A 15mins bus ride was all we need. I was in my tshirt & shorts, with slippers. Everyone else was in sports shoes LOL

Upon reaching the destination, first thing I did was to whip out my camera!


My intention of this trip, was a Pinkys outing! So while waiting for 4th uncle’s family to reach..

We started on the route first, while 4th uncle waited for small uncle to reach. Grandma’s joining us! woohoo!

I allowed the rest to walk ahead.. while I take my own sweet time to take photos.


At the speed I’m going, I’m uncertain if I’m able to finish the trek with the rest.


Just as I was done with this shot, I heard familiar voices behind.. Granny caught up with me! That’s how slow I was! haha

A good 30mins later.. Quarry in sight!


1.5hrs after I started the journey, I’m finally at the quarry!


I’m fully satisfied with the turn-out of the photos! From the exposure, contrast, focus etc. It’s a good attempt this time round! Macro shots can be fun! I had a hard time choosing from this set of photos as the album cover on facebook 😉

If you find these photos cute, check out the other photos on my flickr set =)

FYI, these figurines are called Pinkys. Each of them has a unique name. It’s hard to find them in Singapore now, as demand is not high. You can find more information on them at the official site.

Looking forward to the next photography trip. No idea where I will be heading to next!