I want to pay fines

Thought I might want to borrow some books from the library since I’m not in a good mood today. Happily searched for books and got myself 3!

The borrowing station indicated that I have unpaid fines and doesn’t allow me to borrow any books.

(then I remembered that NLB had recently – few months back – implemented this rule that you can only borrow books if you are fines-free)

So I headed to the payment machine. Remembering that the new ez-link card is not accepted for payment yet, I whipped out the old card. Feeling glad that I’ve yet exchanged it for the new one, was stunned when the machine rejected it.

Tried at the e-kiosk. Same error.

Unfortunately, I have no cashcard. Didn’t bring my NETS card. Proceeded to the service counter to enquire if I can pay by cash instead.


Best is, the system says I’m of DELIQUENT status! Simply because I have an outstanding fine of THIRTY CENTS! *facepalm*

Haiyo! I’m already feeling moody from the morning’s incident liao, NLB must treat me like that! 🙁

So I had to leave the library empty handed. 🙁

NLB, you are so friendly.

Being disrespectful

Had not been getting quality sleep for the past few days. Dreams and nightmares.

Woke up as usual this morning, feeling a little bit grouchy when I saw my bus leave the bus stop just as I was reaching =

Thankfully the next bus came within 5mins! With many vacant seats somemore! 😀

Traffic jam along PIE till BKE. Not a good way to start the day, but I’m used to jams along BKE/PIE. It’s a norm.

Managed to catch the bus (that I had to change to) that was in front. As it was packed, I was standing at the entrance.

And I got a scare/fright at the next bus stop. Almost jumped when I heard a pretty loud “HOI!” over the shoulder. Turned back and saw an old uncle wanting to alight. Thought to myself, I didn’t hear him saying he wants to alight, nor did he do any indication leh.. I was facing the front, he was behind.

For an instant, I was shocked. You want to alight, cannot tell me is it? I’m not a tiny animal that can be scared away to make way for you! Bloody hell.. scare me you very happy is it?

I gave him the same respect I have for the elderly, gave way to him without complains. But I sensed a black face when I had to move elsewhere to make way for him. Uncle.. the bus very packed leh.. Not a lot of free space to move around, what do you want from me?

If he hadn’t had his walking stick with him (met this uncle a few times on the bus, he had to walk with the walking stick), I might have turned nasty.

Felt disrespected as a human. Is there a need to do a loud “HOI!”? I have ears if you make a request. I have sense organs if you tap me. There’s no need to scare me away to make way for you.

So I’m not as famous as another blogger

Was being asked via facebook chat, if I have any blogger friends interested in attending the Changi Airport Race event.

Of course I’d say I want to go right? 😀

Who knows.. at the next instant.. Facebook chat

So.. I’m not as famous as Pat Law.

So my blog stats isn’t high up on the chart..

Even if you were asking as a friend, you’re still talking to a (not so famous) blogger. To think that I was so supportive of your projects over the past 2 yrs..

I’m disappointed.

So if any one of you’s interested in attending the event, I can help pass to him. But I need details like “Your blog, Stats, hits, genre. and include 5 friends”.

Remember, they “have to screen” and you have to be “as famous as Pat”.

Night out with the tech dept

First time at a pub with the dept. Known to be the boring aka no life dept for some, I think it’s a great achievement for us to get out of our standard routine for a simple dinner and drinks at Wala Wala. Feels good for such a bonding session. Pity the boss’s down with MC. Candid photos might be up soon, but probably no tagging on facebook. Hahha..

K off to “enjoy” the band’s performance! Such an irony when I seldom listen to English songs. It’s like they know me but I dunno them =)