Night out with the tech dept

First time at a pub with the dept. Known to be the boring aka no life dept for some, I think it’s a great achievement for us to get out of our standard routine for a simple dinner and drinks at Wala Wala. Feels good for such a bonding session. Pity the boss’s down with MC. Candid photos might be up soon, but probably no tagging on facebook. Hahha..

K off to “enjoy” the band’s performance! Such an irony when I seldom listen to English songs. It’s like they know me but I dunno them =)

2 Replies to “Night out with the tech dept”

  1. wah..wala seems like a long time for me. shirley and her band used to sing there and they are good. are they still around?

    so you enjoyed yourself??

    1. They’re usually there on Thurs/Sat. Was there on Tues, didn’t get to see them. Yes I’m a fan of theirs too.. hahaha

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