It’s official.

My previous company, where I stayed for 6 months before I left for further studies in 2003, and 6 years as my first job after graduation in 2007, has been merged with many other agencies worldwide to form a new agency.

I remember being excited when an ex-colleague from iT21 sent me a jobstreet link about an opening at XM Asia Pacific Pte Ltd. Back in 2003, after 2 years being a multimedia programmer, I wanted to move on to doing something related to the internet. Something which I was very interested in as it was an IN thing and I had a Diploma in Internet Computing. So when this job opening came about, I hopped on. After 2 rounds of interview, I finally fulfilled one of my dreams of workingย in the advertising industry – as a webmaster.

It was a short stint, as I decided to go for further studies (which was in my plan after graduating with a diploma in 2001) when NTU offered me a place. Even as an undergrad, I often went back to do freelance. You can imagine how passionate I was about the internet. And how I love that place – the environment, the culture. Sadly, when school workload increased (plus I had many other commitments), I stopped working freelance for them (partly also because the person I usually liaised with left the company).

Because I had such great memories at XM, I connected with my ex-supervisor few daysย before my final exams. So I rejoined XM as an Associate Consultant (Technology Solutions).

At the blink of the eye, I spent 5.5 years in XM – including a short 9 months stay at Hong Kong working on an overseas project.

Bittersweet memories I have of XM. Though I was worn out (as early as a few months into the job), I stayed on due to the passion towards it. I love the place. I love the colleagues.

Yesterday, it was officially announced that XM will be merged with many other agencies to form a new network.

Even though I’ve left for 2 years (decided to move on to pursue my other dream of working in the education industry), I still feel connected to XM in a way or another. It’s like once you’re a student of a school and takes part in many activities, you become attached to it. Though I have my grouses about this place, I’m still proud to have been a part of it.

RIP XM. You will be greatly missed. No matter what, you have a special place in my heart.

Happy 1 Year Anniversary!

52 weeks ago, I first stepped foot into my alma mater not as an alumni but as a staff.

6-May-2013 was a pretty memorable day, not only because I started work at a new place, but also because my bus broke down in the middle of the expressway! Imagine my horror back then when we were told to alight at the slip road of BKE-PIE. *horror faced* (An incident worth remembering as not everyone gets a chance to walk along the expressway with the traffic police blocking the traffic for you on a busy Monday morning during the rush hour :P)

Throughout the whole year, it felt like a dream. Everyday was like being on honeymoon. It never occurred to me that I would be able to contribute to my school in such a way! (Of course, you will need to minus off those days where you hear me complain about being in winterland.)

It had always been a dream to work in the education sector – my first dream job as a primary school kid was to become a teacher. (One of my gfs mentioned to me that my dreams are diversified and I have to say she is right! heehee) Despite not being in the academic team now, it is still wonderful to be able to kill 2 birds with 1 stone – doing things that I love with just 1 job. ๐Ÿ™‚

So I have to say, I have fulfilled one of my (many) dreams. Achievement unlocked? ๐Ÿ˜€

There will definitely be more milestones to achieve, but to be able to keep the passion and love in the job is what makes one feel blessed. Nothing is more important than that.

To many more good years ahead! Happy 1 year anniversary! <3 <3

XM Away Day 2011

This post was drafted back on 20th July, but took me a while to get the photo out of the camera. Thus publishing it only today Aug 10. Pardon for the laziness ๐Ÿ˜›


Back from Bintan, with blue-blacks on the head and the knee. and a $50 voucher as well ๐Ÿ™‚

XM Away Day is like our annual retreat. A day where the company is closed for employees to bond. Every year, the management will crack their brains deciding where to go. In my 4 years with XM, I’ve been to Sentosa once ( Rasa-Sentosa ), Johor once ( Pulai Spring ), Bintan twice ( Bintan Lagoon Resort before the renovation, Club Med ).

This year, being my 5th Away Day, we went Bintan Lagoon Resort again, with the renovation 80% completed. The greatest difference I saw, was the rooms. It looks so much more classy now!

Bintan Lagoon - renovated room

Met another TP mate during the trip again! Our last trip with Focus Adventure being our activities organizer 3yrs ago, I caught up with Loon ( my fellow TP-CSC mate ) who was one of the trainers. This year with FC as our activities organizer again, I caught up with fellow ITAS mate John ( whom I got to know from the school’s chat channels )! Just how small can the world be, to be able to meet friends ( especially those you’ve not met since graduation ) overseas?

XM has a history of average-ly young age employees. Possibly the reason why we’re always so energetic when it comes to play. It was raining heavily that day, but we went ahead with the activities. Never have I been under the ( freaking heavy ) rain for such long hours before! Yet it was fun and I got to see how determined we all are when it comes to reaching our goals ๐Ÿ™‚

My team was awesome! We managed to get all ( or most ) answers correct and emerged as the winning team :p

We work hard and we play hard too ๐Ÿ™‚

Had a great time catching ( bonding ) with some of the fellow colleagues, and I realized we aren’t so dao at all. Maybe I should learn to open myself up more.

Hip Hop Lion Dance

A friend posted this video on facebook. Look like lion dance but not lion dance. Look like hip hop but not entirely hip hop. Quite an interesting fusion I’d say. What’s your take?

Imeem has closed down?

Was trying to find some songs on Imeem recently, when the site kept redirectly me to myspace. I thought it was hacked.

With the closure of imeem, it has affect my work. Now there’s a need to search for other online mp3 streaming sites

Secret Santa

It’s the company’s tradition to buy someone (randomly allocated) a gift he/she wants. Budget $20.

With our recent move into the new building at 50 Scotts Road, the arrangement was, we buy for JWT people, they buy for us. A good way of “interaction”.

What I wrote as my wish this year..

  1. iPhone Juice Pack. Which I regretted the following week, ‘coz I fulfilled it myself at Comex.
  2. Nikon DSLR
  3. Canon DSLR

I was hoping to get Apple voucher for the first item (before I bought the juice pack myself).

Coz I was on MC on Mon/Tues, and on leave on Wed, I saw a huge gift on my desk when I reported back to work on Thurs!

Gift from Secret Santa!
Gift from Secret Santa!

And I tell u.. it’s FREAKING HEAVY!!!

Everyone was curious about what it contained. Hahaha!

So I started “unboxing” it!

*Didn’t take a video of the unboxing process*

A peep from the side.. DoubleA box?!?!

Couldn’t resist the curiosity anymore. Took a scissors and cut away the wrapping paper. Hahhahaha!

Got my first wish fulfilled!

Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack
Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack

2nd wish fulfilled..

Wish #2: Nikon DSLR
Wish #2: Nikon DSLR

Not bad leh.. high end model somemore!

3rd wish!

Wish #3: Canon DSLR
Wish #3: Canon DSLR

How exciting!

But! What exactly is inside the box?

*cut* *cut* *cut*

That’s A LOT of masking tape used!

And here goes… tadah!

Inside the box..
Inside the box..

Thank you my Secret Santa! But I don’t drink wor..

Much as I’m disappointed I didn’t get anything USEFUL, I had fun unboxing the gift!

Gave the Chang Beer to colleague instead.

Night out with the tech dept

First time at a pub with the dept. Known to be the boring aka no life dept for some, I think it’s a great achievement for us to get out of our standard routine for a simple dinner and drinks at Wala Wala. Feels good for such a bonding session. Pity the boss’s down with MC. Candid photos might be up soon, but probably no tagging on facebook. Hahha..

K off to “enjoy” the band’s performance! Such an irony when I seldom listen to English songs. It’s like they know me but I dunno them =)

Peace after the storm

Caught a cold. Didn’t sleep well last night due to blocked nose, am still having blocked nose now :(. Been trying to sleep for the past hour but to no avail. Tired as I am, the blocked nose is keeping me awake. I need the doc tmr.

The site’s launched at last. Something that I took over in the development stage and single-handedly built the site. I’m proud of myself, learnt more of the cms now =)

ๅ…ˆ็”œๅŽ่‹ฆใ€ ๅ…ˆ่‹ฆๅŽ็”œ. I think it’s neither. ๅ…ˆ่‹ฆๅŽไนŸ่‹ฆ๏ผbut that’s just work.

the impromptu dinner

I was thinking.. I need to add life to this blog. Seeing how Grouser’s blog became livier after she added in Movie Reviews entries, I was tempted to follow the trend.

But!!! I’m not good at writing! And I don’t watch movies that often! ๐Ÿ˜€

Maybe I should just give it a try.

Life, being mundane as usual, today was spent.. in the office! Woohoo~ If you’d heard my (private) rant on plurk, you’d have known why.

6 hours into torturing myself in the office (alone physically), I read (on plurk) that the guys are back in SG! Knowing the coach will bring them to somewhere-near the office area, I thought I’ll call and ask if they want to meet for dinner. Heh! And tata! 7.30pm (and I was slightly late…) I’m at Funan’s Swensens! Nice impromptu dinner with them. There’s always endless (innocent) laughter with them around. Thanks guys (and gals)!