Mothers’ Day 2008

The annual MD gathering was here again! Woohoo!

The “day” started, obviously, only when I reached the celebration venue. XD

After I’m done with fooling around, or rather, after I’m satisfied with the buffet dinner and feeling so left out, the camera was finally being dug out from my bag. Oh yes, food was great! Cater was Q’zin, which I think is the shortform for cuisine.

Nothing much to write about it (keeping things not meant to be shared unsaid).. So here are the photos.

(Meimei with Aunty Siew Siew)
(edit: Apparently Jiawen’s mum thought meimei looks exactly like how Jiawen looked like when she was this young. Photo albums were brought out for comparison. And MY conclusion was: they REALLY look alike!)

(Pretty Chloe with her mum Qiuxia)

(ho ho ho.. Someone said Caleb looked juicy!)

(ah ma & her daughters – Aunty Siew Yean missing from photo)

(ah ma with her daughters & daughter-in-laws)

(the uncles & their wives – matched accordingly)

(the uncles and the 男内孙)

(us cousins! with the next generation of course)

(ah ma & 4 of the great-grandchildren)

(ah ma & lele)

(the 老顽童 and the 小顽童)

More photos at my flickr.

Pity Aunty Siew Yean’s family left early! Wanxin, you missed out all the fun!

Ah yes.. Xmas’08. Jiawen & Wanxin! Both of you are recruited! Objections overruled!

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