The BIG Plan

You know.. I was sorting out the photos in the pictures folder. Saw this folder named SHE Concert 2007. Before I decided to hit the DELETE button, I opened it to browse through the photos. Realise I really took A LOT of photos. From file number 0012 to 0230. LoL.

Looking at the 3 ladies, my favourite still got to be Ella, all thanks to the show Hamizaki.

No idea why I always thought she’s the biggest size in the group. But when I looked at the photos again, she actually has got a nice figure. Not skinny, a little bit bah4-bah3. =)

Then I suddenly thought to myself, if only I can have a figure like hers. LOL. So the BIG plan now, is to SLIM DOWN. WAHAHHAHA!

And I must keep to my plan. No late night suppers! More exercise.

*fingers crossed*

And oh.. it’s such a humid day.

On a night like this..

I dunno.. Feeling weird.

It’s a boring Friday night. I wouldn’t mind companion but it wouldn’t happen.

If there’s no hope, you wouldn’t look forward to it.

If there’s no expectation,  you wouldn’t be disappointed if it didn’t happen.

If there’s no procrastination, you wouldn’t (mightn’t) be having such a life.


The clock’s ticking.

Was the past decision made a right one? There’s no time to ponder over it, just look forward?

Putting it away. Not giving myself any false hopes. No more expectations. Stop all those makes-no-sense messages.

And life will be back to normal.