Baby Calista in office

My boss aka Vince brought Baby Calista to office! She has grown so much!

My first attempt at taking her photo.. No idea why she was frowning.

And this was a better take. See how cheeky she was.

Pardon the lousy quality. Taken with my phone in a not-so-good lighting.

Mothers’ Day 2008

The annual MD gathering was here again! Woohoo!

The “day” started, obviously, only when I reached the celebration venue. XD

After I’m done with fooling around, or rather, after I’m satisfied with the buffet dinner and feeling so left out, the camera was finally being dug out from my bag. Oh yes, food was great! Cater was Q’zin, which I think is the shortform for cuisine.

Nothing much to write about it (keeping things not meant to be shared unsaid).. So here are the photos.

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Chingay 2008

Photos are finally in! Received 3, but only these 2 are viewable.




Suddenly I realise.. my face is round compared to 5 yrs ago. Sigh..

Updated: The Encore Concert

Posted on January 7, 2008 – 1:33 am

No one else in history did this. Encore concert within 6 months!

And so the heavenly king held his encore concert @ Indoor Stadium!

Good seats this time! 12th row from the front! woohoo! Pics will be up tomorrow when I’m in office. =D

More oldies this time! More familiar songs! More songs to sing along with ;p

  • 爱火花
  • 头发乱了
  • 忘记他
  • 屈倒病
  • 只想一生跟你走 (my all-time favourite)
  • 想和你再去吹吹风
  • 吻别
  • 情书
  • 你是爱我的
  • 如果爱
  • 爱是永恒
  • 祝福

Of course, there were many other songs. 1 hr of encore as usual. Shiokkkkkk

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Updated: 《今天情人節》新加坡演唱會2007

Posted on December 30, 2007 – 1:45 am

Thanks Central Mall, thanks Twipster for passing me the tickets she won =D


List of songs she sang (not in sequence):

  • 崇拜
  • C’est la vie
  • 一秒的天堂
  • Sunrise 我喜欢
  • 我喜歡
  • 为我好
  • 分手快乐
  • 亲亲
  • 可惜不是你
  • 燕尾蝶
  • 爱你不是两三天
  • 勇气
  • 暖暖
  • 最想环游的世界
  • 小手拉大手
  • 夜夜夜夜
  • fly away
  • 一夜长大
  • 丝路
  • 瘦瘦的
  • 红豆
  • 知足
  • 拥抱(duet with 阿信)
  • 溫柔 (sung by 阿信)

Songs during Encore:

  • Moon River
  • 听不到
  • 伤痕
  • 第三者
  • 原来你也唱过我的歌
  • 三吋日光

Cat 1 seats, $158. Good view.

Nice concert. Totally immersed in her songs, her jokes, her Singlish, her Chinese with M’sian slang..

The peak of the concert.. 阿信!!! Woohoo! I’m most alert when he appeared on the stage. ahhaha =D

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Blissful family!

I feel blessed to have such a close-knitted family! That’s for my mum’s side of course! All of us met up for lunch @ CCK Sports Complex today, though I don’t know for what occasion, but it’s great to gather up again!

first dish! 鱼生!
鱼生 with everything on it
this was what’s on my plate initially. there’s more to go =
the poor fish didn’t expect its’ head to be in my stomach in the end
salted chicken
scallop with brocolli
eh I dunno what dish is this.. hahaha
whee! prawns!! most of them had to go thru surgery under my hands..
they stacked food on my plate while I was away! =
orh-ni! not very tasty though..
Muskerteers at work?
tt’s us being lame

Only managed to take 3 out of the 5 table photos, taken using my phone. Quality seems to be not too bad! =D

And I read from Jiawen’s blog that each table cost $488?!?! The total cost was $2440. Wah… Thanks 2nd uncle for the treat!