Can’t resist the tempation of sharing this =D

I actually logged off Maple to sleep, until I decided to just browse through the photos Reenz sent me earlier on.

Couldn’t help sending SOS msn msgs as I haven’t install Photoshop on my laptop. These photos are just so nice lah!

A group of us attended SCE’s Graduates Evening @ The Chevrons on Friday evening. =)

One of which the entertainment item was cross-dressing. Representative from our side of the ballroom is DS! Pity Ming Ming wasn’t around.. Hahahahha!

Introducing “Michelle” Chia! And “her” catwalk!


The Winner of the day is….. “MICHELLE” CHIA!!

At the end of the dinner, spotted the SCE Photographer! Got him to take some photos.. hahaha.. This gonna be my fav for the night!


QH you having constipation? =D

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