Trip to Malacca and back.

Took up Fen’s suggestion and joined them on a road trip to Malacca from 6-8 Aug. Glad I didn’t back out at the last minute hehe ;P

7 of us, 2 cars, 3 hrs ride. Totally enjoyed myself, despite having aches on the small thigh from too much of walking.

Reached Malacca at 7pm, checked in and off we went for dinner.

Makkota Hotel Meleka - where we stayed

Across the road from Mahkota Hotel (where we were staying) is Mahkota Parade.

Mahkota Parade

Had Nandos for dinner, since most of us had never tried the Singapore version before. Food was pretty ok, but service was equally bad as Singapore’s (heard from those who tried the SG version). LoL.

Nandos Chicken - Dinner for Day 1

It was a pretty rushed dinner, we had less than 45mins before we had to get incepted. Inception was nice! Felt like we were all in the 2nd/3rd level of the dream. All for just RM8. That’s cheap compared to what we’re paying in Singapore!

Back at the hotel, by the time all of us showered (we had a 3-bedroom apartment with 2 bathrooms), tired but not wanting to turn in. 4 of us ended up playing Big-2 & Saboteur (it’s a nice game!) till 4am.

Got woken up by their voices at 8. Was in a groggy state – how can they be so alert after only 4hrs of sleep?!?!?! I need 9!


Headed over to Datarang Pahlawan (on the other side of Mahkota Parade) for Breakfast. Nasi Lemak was so-so, you can find better ones in Singapore.

Walked around the shopping mall and I emerged with cutesey stuff for the kids. LoLs.

Spotted inside Datarang Pahlawan

Saw this fountain and I couldn’t stop snapping!

Fountain inside Datarang Pahlawan

Went back to the hotel ‘coz we had to change to another apartment (due to the lack of 3-room ones for the 2nd night, we had to change to 2 of 2-room ones). And this was what we saw from one of the apartments.

The Eye of Malaysia 🙂

After a short rest, we headed out. Again. This time to the other side of Dataran Pahlawan – the red church (Christ Church Melaka).

Bukit St Paul - Christ Church Melaka

I do not know much about the history about this historical building, except that this is a must-see attraction in Malacca.

Jonker Street - Gai Cheong Gai

Jonker Street (right across the church) is where most of the activities are.

[I’m gonna exclude photos here, since we went to the same places :)]

Took a short break at 三叔公, where the guys had the Durian Chendol. Spent the entire afternoon at Jonker Street, walked over to the Baba Nyonya Museum to find it closed for the day.

Headed off for Peranakan dinner near the Museum, and more walking around Jonker Street. The night market was so bustled with stalls! Very different from day time!

Back to hotel at 11pm. Our feet were all too tired and were aching from all the walk since morning.

The 3rd and last day started only at late-morning, since we had to check out by 12noon.

Chicken Rice Ball! - Brunch for the day

Drove off and parked near the Baba Nyonya Museum, where we proceeded with more walks (again). The trip into the museum proved interesting to me, since I’m quite a fan of the Nyonya culture – no thanks to the Channel 8 drama Little Nyonya. No phototaking was allowed, but here’s our guide for the day. She’s a Nyonya!

Our Nyonya Guide @ the Baba-Nyonya Museum

By the time we left the museum, it was almost 5. Headed off for a quick dinner and off we go – heading home at last!

Yummy Laksa! - Dinner for Day 3

I had a good trip! When are we going to Penang, to continue our Peranakan trail?

Khakis for the trip to Malacca! <3 you guys!

You can view the rest of the album on my Flickr 🙂

Thoughts & more thoughts

Just finished watching Campus SuperStar II Finals. Seriously felt like I’m supporting my little brother, when my sms-es were sent non-stop to vote for Shawn (whom I call boy-boy). It’s cool that he’s the overall winner, though there are things that he can improve on =) What’s more heartwarming, is the whole family watching tv together. Not that we don’t do it often, but when each of us gets busy with our lives, the amount of quality time spent together drops. Especially when I seldom leave office on the dot..

Had been having a packed schedule recently. I’m one who usually don’t go out on weekdays, I believe in spending that quality time during & after dinner with my family. Unless special occasions will I meet up with friends for dinner during Mon – Thurs.

The sunday after the movie marathon, I actually met up with Fen for kopi session in the afternoon after tuition. Another impromptu session of mine. Walked around BPP cd shops, trying to find the OST of 881. Sadly, CD-RAMA, Sembawang Music Centre & Laser Flair have run out of stock. =S Just when I boarded the bus back home, I decided to just proceed to Causeway Point to try my luck. Heh.. No luck! But I managed to reserve copies for myself & my movie partner =)

The Wednesday night.. a special occasion made me break my “rule” of having dinner at home. A farewell dinner was held for one of my good friends from school. He’s heading to Japan for a job opportunity. Take care pal! Please buy a webcam so that we can see how you’re doing over there!

Friday.. Had a gals’-only dinner @ V8 cafe @ Bugis Junction. Gossips (eh.. on a side note, it’s this grp of gals – including the one gal who couldn’t join us – who make me feel that I’m a gal! Haha.. So hard to gossip with my buddies lah.. do guys actually gossip??), dinner, chit-chat. Was a fun dinner =D Met up with the guys (from the same group of khakis as the gals) for SCP (short for Sweet Chicken Porridge) and Selegie Tau Huay. Wah.. it was a real sinful day. Had a late breakfast @ 10.30am, company lunch @ 12noon, tea-break by my boss @ 5pm, dinner @ 8pm, supper & dessert @ 10pm. -.-” It’s no wonder I put on weight. Work itself is sinful – seeing that food is readily available at all times.

Today! The same group of friends from yesterday’s dinner/supper. All of us were so tired today. LoL. But we still executed our originally-planned photography trip! Yay! Lots of photos were taken! Photography had always been an interest of mine, in case you do not know. Since the day I bought my own Canon Powershot A80, the amount of disk space used for photos have drastically increased. =D

The day was fun, with us walking around NTU searching for venues that we always loiter at, places we did our notes cramming just before exams, LTs that we had most of our lectures in.. Proceeded on to Esplanade (realised that it’s a very popular place for phototaking).

It was Häagen Daz next, for us to sit down and relax after a long day. Fondue was what we had!! My first time eating (mountain tortoise!!)! Was feeling so excited when the fondue was placed on our table 😛 当我在吃那浓浓巧克力的时候,真的有种幸福的感觉!It felt sooooo heavenly =)

Ahhhhh… until this point of time, I’m feeling so tired! Eyes closing! Body’s tired! Had been a long time since I last woke up naturally and not by alarm. =

Will upload photos when I finished editing =)

Can’t resist the tempation of sharing this =D

I actually logged off Maple to sleep, until I decided to just browse through the photos Reenz sent me earlier on.

Couldn’t help sending SOS msn msgs as I haven’t install Photoshop on my laptop. These photos are just so nice lah!

A group of us attended SCE’s Graduates Evening @ The Chevrons on Friday evening. =)

One of which the entertainment item was cross-dressing. Representative from our side of the ballroom is DS! Pity Ming Ming wasn’t around.. Hahahahha!

Introducing “Michelle” Chia! And “her” catwalk!


The Winner of the day is….. “MICHELLE” CHIA!!

At the end of the dinner, spotted the SCE Photographer! Got him to take some photos.. hahaha.. This gonna be my fav for the night!


QH you having constipation? =D