Gosh.. was reading Chun‘s blog and I got inspired by his daily quote


Just how true it is =) I’ve made the first step in getting to know a new friend! And it’s damn hilarious when I sent a msn msg over “trying my luck to see if i’ve gotten the right person” and the reply came as “ya rite person!!” when I didn’t even mention who I was looking for. LOL!

We really should treasure what we do have now. The final semester in school sure left most of us with lots of memories! Putting the not-close-relatives aside, I have with me my immediate family, budz, a bunch of close khakis in school, and of course, my bestest cousins from the sparkling stars!!


I added this quote here to remind myself not to get so impatient with things around me. Not that I’m an impatient person, but I think I can do better at that =)

With Chinese New Year around the corner, wishing my readers a Happy New Year! May the new year be a fulfilling and meaningful one for all of you!

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