Blissful family!

I feel blessed to have such a close-knitted family! That’s for my mum’s side of course! All of us met up for lunch @ CCK Sports Complex today, though I don’t know for what occasion, but it’s great to gather up again!

first dish! 鱼生!
鱼生 with everything on it
this was what’s on my plate initially. there’s more to go =
the poor fish didn’t expect its’ head to be in my stomach in the end
salted chicken
scallop with brocolli
eh I dunno what dish is this.. hahaha
whee! prawns!! most of them had to go thru surgery under my hands..
they stacked food on my plate while I was away! =
orh-ni! not very tasty though..
Muskerteers at work?
tt’s us being lame

Only managed to take 3 out of the 5 table photos, taken using my phone. Quality seems to be not too bad! =D

And I read from Jiawen’s blog that each table cost $488?!?! The total cost was $2440. Wah… Thanks 2nd uncle for the treat!

Flag day!

The number of times I was involved in a flag day, I think, is 5, including today’s.

The first time, was in Secondary School, when community work ( CIP points ) wasn’t compulsory. Though I couldn’t remember which organisation it was for, I remembered clearly I partnered with Xinyi, collected the tin @ Holland Village, and solicited for donations @ Clementi MRT Station.

The second time, was during my Poly year 1 orientation. We were selling bandanas! Together with Louise and Shufen, we almost walked around the whole of Yishun trying to sell. After which we headed back to school! Yes all the way back to Tampines! = Oh FYI! This flag day is the so-called finale for our school orientation, where the amount collected by each individual school (School of IT & Applied Science, School of Design, School of Business, School of Engineering – the various schools 8 yrs ago) was tabulated and the school with the highest amount will gain additional points to the overall competition. Wah I still remembered those days! After the flag day it was the traditional Jam & Hop!

K the third time, was Tulip Hearts Day. Was out with Xinyi & her friend, we went Novena area, then to Far East and walked all the way to Suntec. It was fun carrying the bunch of tulips (fake one lah.. lol), selling them to get donations for Children’s Cancer Society. =D

The forth time! Was when I was one of the organisers of the flag day. Hahah… Known as CHILD – Caring Hearts for Innocent Little Dreams. Organised by TP Community Service Club! Together with Celine, Ris, Dennis, Wanni.. Ahhh the committee is too big! LOL! We were selling Sasha bears!! Yeah and my station was Woodlands! Together with daddy and my group of GLs! yes yes.. After which we all headed BACK to TP! Just imagine.. Woodlands is ssssooooooo near to my house = But still, I had fun walking around school while the rest of the “counting” committee are doing the counting of the money. Hahaha xDD

Oh the 5th time! Today! Was at Lot1, managing the booth for Singapore Disability Sports Council =D Literally stoned there till 3+, ‘coz there were no extra tins for me to use. Hahha.. Sat there and chit-chat with my partner, who also happens to be a 4th year NTU EEE student! Lol.. We got flown-aeroplanes.. waited for the extra-tins-from-other-collection-centres since 11+am till the time the van came to pick up the already-filled-tins at 6+pm. :S But still, it’s nice to know a new friend!