fantasy mood

I’m getting out of the fantasy mood, but 小乌龟 is still my favourite song at the moment. It has been on repeat mode in my player for 3 days and still going strong!

I realise it’s dangerous to watch drama serials continuously for long hours. It happened to me not once but twice! Most of the time I’ll get engrossed into the plot, that I’ll tend to bring the story from reel life to real life. I’ll get so dazed that I couldn’t concentrate on what I was doing. The first time it happened was ISWAK, it’s too much of a fairytale, but one just can’t help wishing to have a 江值树 in her life. This time round, the culprit is 《微笑 Pasta》. Probably because it never happened in my life, but it’s amazing how the relationship can blossom within a short span of 3 months.

For this whole week, I’ve been feeling like I’m in a dream. Mostly because of the show, since I finished watching only on Saturday, but the fact that I’m staying over at my uncle’s place triggered the dream switch. I have a room of my own, that comes with a computer table big enough to place my laptop and my notes, and it has a table lamp. Stuff which I do not have in my house. A room that is shared between me & my sis, a computer table that is always hogged by my brother, a study table in the living room that is unofficially mine but it isn’t that bright enough for studying in the late hours. And the more important thing is, I only need a maximum of 45mins to reach school from here, compared to 1.5hrs when I travel from home. From tomorrow night onwards, I’ll be back to reality. boo!

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