Win a trip to anywhere in the world!


Have you noticed? That Citibank has recently launched a Citibank Singapore in Facebook page!

You might think “aiya it’s just another page mah.. why get so hyped over it?”

But wait! Did you see the title I set for this blogpost? YES!!! By becoming a fan, you stand a chance to win a trip to Hong Kong! Woohoo~ [Good news must share right? That’s why I’m here telling you this!]

I’ve never been on a plane before.. so obviously I’ve not been to Hong Kong hurhurhur :p

There are 7 tickets to be given out in total! 4 draws have already been over, but there’s still 3 more to go! There’s still a chance of winning!

Draw Dates:
Draw 5: 22 October 2010, 3pm
Draw 6: 29 October 2010, 3pm
Draw 7: 8 November 2010, 3pm

So what are you waiting for? Hop on to Citibank Singapore in Facebook and become a fan!

And that’s not all! My blog title says win a trip to anywhere in the world! There’s more than just a trip to HK!

How?? Simply by taking part in Citi Mobile Photo Contest!

Points to note

  • Photo submission ends on 25 Oct.
  • If your photo gets shortlisted, get everyone to vote for your photo from the 2 – 15 Nov!
Bank Anywhere, Anytime!
At the Citi Mobile race to have a first-hand experience on taking creativity shots :p
Bank Anywhere, Anytime!
Getting briefed
Bank Anywhere, Anytime!
The group of us who took part!
Bank Anywhere, Anytime!
We're on our way!
Bank Anywhere, Anytime!
Does this give you some inspiration? 🙂

Easy? So what are you waiting for?! Go around snapping photos! 😀

Good Luck!

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