Everything Else Is Anti-Social

You must be wondering what it is.

Singtel has recently launched a new Motorola Android phone – Motorola DEXT™. Was invited to the launch party at Helipad!

Had a chance to play with it – for 5mins. Thought it’s very iPhone-wannabe. Very similar UI, it being a touchscreen phone.

And it’s very N97-wannabe too (with the sliding keypad)!

Then what’s so special about it? Since it doesn’t have a unique identity of its own.

Motorola has introduced their new MOTOBLUR™ platform with Motorola DEXT™. One platform that connects you to many social applications – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.

One platform? Yes ONE platform! You only need to login ONCE and you’ll be connected to the many social apps 24/7! Cool eh?

It can also be used to login to corporate emails or personal emails (like many other business phones).

The interesting thing is, you get notified IMMEDIATELY when there are new updates from the social platforms / emails! (As explained by the product manager)

With the MOTOBLUR™ platform, if you change your phone to another that also supports MOTOBLUR™, simply login to your MOTOBLUR™ account and the new phone will be customised to your previously-set preference (on the previous phone)! Doesn’t need to be the same phone, as long as the phone supports MOTOBLUR™!

Another cool thing is, if you lose your phone (TOUCH WOOD), simply login to the MOTOBLUR™ platform. You can choose to wipe off your current data, shut down the phone, track the location of the phone etc. Now this is COOL! *parties*

This phone is exclusively available only to Singtel. It costs from as low as S$0 – S$248 (on any 3G iFlexi Plans) or S$0 – S$348 (Singtel’s free-incoming plans).

Oh! With the launch of the Motorola DEXT™, Singtel is introducing this value-added service called mSocial. It comes with unlimited local mobile data using the MOTOBLUR™ platform – includes photo uploads, updates received, status updates on social networking sites. Also comes with 100MB of local data for internet surfing and email access. And it’s not expensive! Priced at only S$5.35/mth (for those on the free-incoming plans. Comes free with iFlexi plans)! Excess data is capped at S$30/mth too!

Hop on down to Iluma today (Sat) for the official public launch of the phone! You stand to win a Motorola DEXT™ phone!

Enough information on the phone! 😀

Gotta say that the party was great! Food was nice, (alcoholic) drinks were nice, ambience was nice too!

I’ve also got to say, it’s nice to receive a thumbdrive with the necessary information – word documents & product images. Saves time to type everything out 😀

Thank you Ivy from Singtel for the invite!

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