Women’s Day Out 2010

Received an eDM from Amore yesterday, titled “AMORE WOMEN’S DAY OUT – Early Bird Discount Ends 31 December 2009”.

Have heard of this event before, but have never checked out what it was. So out of curiosity, the email was opened.

Seems good, though I don’t think I’m suitable for most of the activities.. So..

I signed up for Body.Mind.Soul instead. StretchFit classes were what I used to attend, before my membership expired (am now thinking if I should reapply the membership). Not too difficult, but will still leave aches.. haha..

Looking forward to the event in March! Anyone keen in joining me?


Just heard from my mum that an auntie’s granddaughter passed away  days ago.

Shocked at the news, as the girl was only 6 years old, and I met her downstairs only a few days before.

Apparently the girl suffered from 惊风 (infantile convulsion), which affects kids between the age of 1 – 5yrs old, and is the top 4 most common illness among kids (according to baidu, other sources – acupunture.com, wikisource).

Never underestimate the power of frights. That’s the reason why parents (except those who do not believe in chinese medicine) always feed their child 惊风散 – a kind of powder that helps to reduce the amount of fright in a child.

Rest In Peace Charlene. You will be remembered in our hearts.

Happy Songs For A Great Recession

I’ve never been a fan of English songs..

First heard of Budak Pantai few years back when Jiawen told me about this cute song of theirs – Tribute to Titanic (it’s in the Budakmentary album).

*boys and girls, let me tell you a story. A story about a great big ship* *WOW!*

That’s like the only song I heard of theirs. Until DK told us about their Starbucks tour in Nov. And then I got to know of their concert!

Wasted no time in getting my tickets. Bought their latest album “Nothing Also Happy” and started getting to know the songs before the concert 3 weeks later.

They sang most of the songs in the new album! Plus some oldies.

  • Cool (aka Nite)
  • Retrenchment
  • Piah
  • Angels (Shirlyn from the UnXpected joined in too!)
  • Happy
  • An oldie – 为什么要对你掉眼泪
  • 橄榄树
  • No Matter (woohoo~ I like this song!)
  • All Rice
  • Nipples
  • Lighthouse
  • Also
  • I want my Jewels (not sure of the actual title)
  • 追 (Malay remix)
  • Leap for your love
  • Some christmas song, tribute to Michael Jackson
  • Ken Lee…. (if you remember Susan Boyle)
  • Unbreak my heart
  • ABBA (i think!)


  • 客人来
  • 12 Days of Christmas.. Hey baby hey baby hey
  • Hey There Delilah (one of my fav!)

Short 90mins concert, but I had real fun. Laughed throughout! I love how they fuse the songs! I love how they change the lyrics to existing songs. It’s so funny! Here are some of my favourites!

No Matter

This Love

Hey There Delilah

Not sure why, but I’m falling in love with their songs. There seems to be some kind of connections that I have. 😀

丁当 – 你为什么说谎

Finally had a chance to try out this song at KTV!

Was forewarned by J-Kai NOT to attempt this song 😀 Wanted to prove him wrong LoL

Pilot tests failed miserably. Ding Dang’s pitch was too high for me!

Took me 2 tries today. 2nd attempt was a better one, after warming up. =)

丁当 – 你为什么说谎








Christmas don’t be late =)

Caught this video on DK’s blog. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from Alvin & the Chipmunks (1), but have yet watched the show. Finally I’m having some visuals to the soundtrack that I’d been listening to!

Jumping onto the bandwagon

Not the Social Media bandwagon, that’s recently quite hot on the news.

I’m referring to the DSLR bandwagon.

There has been a trend in the recent years, to own a DSLR. Everywhere you go, you see DSLR. What happened to compact cameras?!

A DSLR is not a normal camera. It needs more TLC as compared to a compact. You can’t just leave it lying around when not in use. Of course, considering the huge amount of money spent on it, you won’t leave it lying around right?

It’s best kept in a dry cabinet when not in use. Something I learnt from my fellow photography enthusiasts.

I’ve seen many mummys using DSLR to shoot their kids. And I can’t help but wonder, do they really know how to take care of the DSLR, or is it just a camera to them?

People buy DSLR, coz it’s glamorous to own one. To most people, I guess, DSLR is just a camera that can produce quality photos. Coz I’ve heard numerous comments that you can just use the AUTO mode of the DSLR. *facepalm*

I’m one who do not like to use the AUTO mode. Hahahha.. I love playing around with the manual mode. And no.. I do not know much of the technical aspects of photography. I just love taking photos. Ever since I started hanging out with photography enthusiasts, I’m using the manual mode more often. Loved how the effects turned out, even on my trusty 6yr old Canon Powershot A80 (which recently died on me by producing overexposed photos when taken outdoors).

Stopped taking photos since then. No proper camera. I have a Fuji compact, but the manual mode isn’t powerful.

I miss going out with my photography gang!

Maybe it’s time for me to jump onto the bandwagon too.

Secret Santa

It’s the company’s tradition to buy someone (randomly allocated) a gift he/she wants. Budget $20.

With our recent move into the new building at 50 Scotts Road, the arrangement was, we buy for JWT people, they buy for us. A good way of “interaction”.

What I wrote as my wish this year..

  1. iPhone Juice Pack. Which I regretted the following week, ‘coz I fulfilled it myself at Comex.
  2. Nikon DSLR
  3. Canon DSLR

I was hoping to get Apple voucher for the first item (before I bought the juice pack myself).

Coz I was on MC on Mon/Tues, and on leave on Wed, I saw a huge gift on my desk when I reported back to work on Thurs!

Gift from Secret Santa!
Gift from Secret Santa!

And I tell u.. it’s FREAKING HEAVY!!!

Everyone was curious about what it contained. Hahaha!

So I started “unboxing” it!

*Didn’t take a video of the unboxing process*

A peep from the side.. DoubleA box?!?!

Couldn’t resist the curiosity anymore. Took a scissors and cut away the wrapping paper. Hahhahaha!

Got my first wish fulfilled!

Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack
Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack

2nd wish fulfilled..

Wish #2: Nikon DSLR
Wish #2: Nikon DSLR

Not bad leh.. high end model somemore!

3rd wish!

Wish #3: Canon DSLR
Wish #3: Canon DSLR

How exciting!

But! What exactly is inside the box?

*cut* *cut* *cut*

That’s A LOT of masking tape used!

And here goes… tadah!

Inside the box..
Inside the box..

Thank you my Secret Santa! But I don’t drink wor..

Much as I’m disappointed I didn’t get anything USEFUL, I had fun unboxing the gift!

Gave the Chang Beer to colleague instead.

Gastric Flu

Started feeling unwell while at Yusheng’s wedding on Sunday. The dishes started to make me feel nauseous. With the loud music in the background, headache started to get worse as well.

Kept telling myself, that I’m going to take MC the next day. Zhiying (Henry’s wifey) even said that I’m allergic to Mondays LOL.

Woke up on Monday, feeling relatively ok. (That always happens when you want to take MC).

Until I felt the stomach (or was it the gastric) trying to grind something. The feeling came and went, several times. Decided to visit the doctor. I thought I was having indigestion, coz I wasn’t feeling hungry despite not having breakfast (yet).

Alas.. LS-ed while on the way to the doc. Argh. Quickly got my queue number and ran (literally) back home. The LED displayed Q number 06 when I left. Mine was 10. Thought I missed my turn when I went back to the clinic 20mins later. LED displayed 08, Nurse said it’s not my turn yet. (Strange, so few ppl on a Monday, yet the service so slow?!)

A good 40mins later, I was in the room with the doc. Told him the symtoms, first thing he asked, “you sure you not pregnant hor?” *faints* Which was logical, since my symtoms matched those of a pregnant mummy who are in their first trimester. Hahah..

No no.. I am NOT pregnant! Stop laughing, if you are right now! Don’t ride on MY misery!

After some checks here and there, doc concluded I had gastric flu. I heard of the term before, especially when Clauds got it few months back. But I’ve never had it in the past, unaware of the symtoms. I just felt bloated which I brushed it off as indigestion earlier.

Another 10mins wait for medicine collection. Slowwwwww! But nevermind, I have 2 days MC!

Went back home, took the pills (argh! I hate pills!), had a bit of bread and off to bed I go. Not drowsy but was feeling weak from the LS, and queasy.

Had porridge (those that had ingredients in it, not the teochew style) for lunch. Finished the whole plate! But I slept through the afternoon. Woke up with headache. Too much sleep, so I brushed it off.

Couldn’t eat more than 5 mouthful of dinner. Went to bed feeling a little bit hungry.  All food smell made me nauseous.

(Doc said to avoid milk, now I can’t even drink my fav Milo to replenish energy 🙁 )

Kept waking up throughout the night. Had hard times trying to fall asleep again. Too much sleep in the afternoon?


Woke up feeling slightly better. I’m referring to the LS part. But the gastric was still trying to grind something (stones I think!)

Headache’s still there.

Lunch was porridge again. Didn’t finish it.

No memories of what I did on Tues, think I slept through the day again. Grinding stomach (but no pain wor.. just the grinding feel), headache. Enough.

5 mouthfuls for dinner. No more. All food smell made me nauseous.

Took a long time to fall asleep that night. Kept waking up coz of the headache, and the hotness of the Nefful pajamas that I wore to sleep.


Damn the headache. No more MC, had to go office already! Just when I was about to leave house, it got worse. Had to take the day off to rest instead. Damn u headache!

Heard that the little boy’s coming over! That’s my motivation for the day haha! Woohoo~ Got a little bit excited!

That’s when I realise.. the headache was caused by the tight veins at the back of the neck. Any slight movement of the head will trigger the pain.

Couldn’t wait for Lele to come. Much as I know he will open my transformer boxes again, I still welcome him. haha..

Couldn’t stand the pain anymore. Made a trip down for a back massage. Felt so much better, the left shoulder wasn’t in pain anymore (though the pain that came after the massage was INDESCRIBABLE).

Oh did I mention I was working as well? Sigh..

Felt so much better on Wed that I attempted a PROPER dinner. 10 mouthfuls! Well done! That was a great improvement!


Went back to work. Backlogs to clear from the many emails on Wed. No choice!

Lunch was a headache. There’s literally NOTHING that I can eat!

Bread & water are my best friend! *hugs*

Ended up had fish porridge from Newton Food Centre. Thankfully I managed to finish the whole bowl.


Until today, I still control what I eat. No oily food. No spicy food. No milk. No coffee. No tea. (But I attempted 2 pieces of smoked salmon last night, seems pretty fine!) I try to eat as plain (but yummy) as possible.

3 kg lost over the week. Not a bad attempt! Keep up the good job! Can I do it all over again, minus the LS and the nauseous feeling please?

Trip to the ulu West of Singapore

Was so excited when I saw 24Seven’s tweet on visiting Singapore Discovery Centre!

Reason being
– my last visit was 10yrs ago
– can’t forget the helicopter I saw there (I’m a fan of almost everything guys like)
– taking train to Joo Koon seems interesting
– my plurk khakis are going! (Victor, Huishan, Qiquan)

Woke up freaking early (you know I don’t wake up anytime earlier than 10am), met the group at Joo Koon MRT at 10am.

Was really excited about visiting SDC. Anything about Singapore!

SDC holds different exhibitions every 3-4 months. This time, it’s about SG Tidbits 365. An exhibition that tells you the best kept “secrets” about Singapore. I like the name of the discovery hall – The Shiok, The Ulu and The Obiang. Just the name alone you can feel the Singapore-English here.

SDC tells you a little bit of the Singapore history, and how it foresees Singapore will be in the future. Nothing government. A place not to miss if you’re new to Singapore and would like to understand more about her.

I like this pic! Photo credit: Qiquan

Thanks to the arranged-guided tour for the bloggers, we get to try the SAR21 rifle, which we were told it’s the exact same one the guys use in army. Feels shiok to be holding a rifle! :p There’s a pistol (SIG SAUER P226) shootout next door too, which we didn’t try.

As part of the package, we get to watch 2 movies at iWerks! Have long heard that the ticket price at SDC is cheap! $7 for all days! 3D shows inclusive! Beats paying $15 (i think) at GV for a 3D show!

Thanks Singapore Discovery Centre and 24Seven for organising this trip!

PS: I didn’t take that many photos, ever since my camera failed on daytime-outdoor shots.

Congratulations Yusheng & Liting!

Attended Yusheng & Liting’s wedding dinner tonight!

Supposedly I had 2 wedding dinners to attend, but had to sacrifice one. Yusheng’s the lucky one! 🙂

It must have been fate to be classmates for 4 years. Secondary school days are always the most memorable days for most of us. Wasn’t close to them during school days, very surprised that the 2E4 guys never fail to include me in their gatherings in the recent years. Loved hanging out with them, the lame jokes from them. They never fail to make me laugh! But I’ve been told I didn’t laugh loud enough! *faints*

Truth to say, it’s a little awkward when the whole group are guys, and I’m the only female (excluding their gfs). But it’s all in the name of fun. I don’t keep in constant contact with them, it’s heartwarming that I’m remembered as the class monitor (monitress), and that their gfs knows me by name too! Really very touched, thanks guys!

Had a fun night tonight, the thumbprint joke made my night. haha!

Will upload photo(s) when I get from the guys.

The class monitress signing off.