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Women’s Day Out 2010

Received an eDM from Amore yesterday, titled “AMORE WOMEN’S DAY OUT – Early Bird Discount Ends 31 December 2009”. Have heard of this event before, but have never checked out what it was. So out of curiosity, the email was … Continue reading

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Just heard from my mum that an auntie’s granddaughter passed away  days ago. Shocked at the news, as the girl was only 6 years old, and I met her downstairs only a few days before. Apparently the girl suffered from … Continue reading

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Happy Songs For A Great Recession

I’ve never been a fan of English songs.. First heard of Budak Pantai few years back when Jiawen told me about this cute song of theirs – Tribute to Titanic (it’s in the Budakmentary album). *boys and girls, let me … Continue reading

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丁当 – 你为什么说谎

Finally had a chance to try out this song at KTV! Was forewarned by J-Kai NOT to attempt this song 😀 Wanted to prove him wrong LoL Pilot tests failed miserably. Ding Dang’s pitch was too high for me! Took … Continue reading

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Christmas don’t be late =)

Caught this video on DK’s blog. I’ve been listening to the soundtrack from Alvin & the Chipmunks (1), but have yet watched the show. Finally I’m having some visuals to the soundtrack that I’d been listening to!

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Jumping onto the bandwagon

Not the Social Media bandwagon, that’s recently quite hot on the news. I’m referring to the DSLR bandwagon. There has been a trend in the recent years, to own a DSLR. Everywhere you go, you see DSLR. What happened to … Continue reading

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Secret Santa

It’s the company’s tradition to buy someone (randomly allocated) a gift he/she wants. Budget $20. With our recent move into the new building at 50 Scotts Road, the arrangement was, we buy for JWT people, they buy for us. A … Continue reading

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Gastric Flu

Started feeling unwell while at Yusheng’s wedding on Sunday. The dishes started to make me feel nauseous. With the loud music in the background, headache started to get worse as well. Kept telling myself, that I’m going to take MC … Continue reading

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Trip to the ulu West of Singapore

Was so excited when I saw 24Seven’s tweet on visiting Singapore Discovery Centre! Reason being – my last visit was 10yrs ago – can’t forget the helicopter I saw there (I’m a fan of almost everything guys like) – taking … Continue reading

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Congratulations Yusheng & Liting!

Attended Yusheng & Liting’s wedding dinner tonight! Supposedly I had 2 wedding dinners to attend, but had to sacrifice one. Yusheng’s the lucky one! 🙂 It must have been fate to be classmates for 4 years. Secondary school days are … Continue reading

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