Nan Hua Secondary School

Got a call from Junyang yesterday. It ended up with me trying to contact our classmates.

And that fateful night (that’s last night), I dreamt that we were all back as students of Nan Hua Secondary School.

The same old (demolished) building. The same old classroom that we studied in, as sec 4 students. The same old uniform that we wore. The same old classroom layout. The same old faces.

On the chalkboard, are updates of each and everyone of us. Latest contact number and where we all are working.

Oh man I miss you guys. Shall we have a get-together soon?

Everything Else Is Anti-Social

You must be wondering what it is.

Singtel has recently launched a new Motorola Android phone – Motorola DEXT™. Was invited to the launch party at Helipad!

Had a chance to play with it – for 5mins. Thought it’s very iPhone-wannabe. Very similar UI, it being a touchscreen phone.

And it’s very N97-wannabe too (with the sliding keypad)!

Then what’s so special about it? Since it doesn’t have a unique identity of its own.

Motorola has introduced their new MOTOBLUR™ platform with Motorola DEXT™. One platform that connects you to many social applications – Facebook, Twitter, MySpace etc.

One platform? Yes ONE platform! You only need to login ONCE and you’ll be connected to the many social apps 24/7! Cool eh?

It can also be used to login to corporate emails or personal emails (like many other business phones).

The interesting thing is, you get notified IMMEDIATELY when there are new updates from the social platforms / emails! (As explained by the product manager)

With the MOTOBLUR™ platform, if you change your phone to another that also supports MOTOBLUR™, simply login to your MOTOBLUR™ account and the new phone will be customised to your previously-set preference (on the previous phone)! Doesn’t need to be the same phone, as long as the phone supports MOTOBLUR™!

Another cool thing is, if you lose your phone (TOUCH WOOD), simply login to the MOTOBLUR™ platform. You can choose to wipe off your current data, shut down the phone, track the location of the phone etc. Now this is COOL! *parties*

This phone is exclusively available only to Singtel. It costs from as low as S$0 – S$248 (on any 3G iFlexi Plans) or S$0 – S$348 (Singtel’s free-incoming plans).

Oh! With the launch of the Motorola DEXT™, Singtel is introducing this value-added service called mSocial. It comes with unlimited local mobile data using the MOTOBLUR™ platform – includes photo uploads, updates received, status updates on social networking sites. Also comes with 100MB of local data for internet surfing and email access. And it’s not expensive! Priced at only S$5.35/mth (for those on the free-incoming plans. Comes free with iFlexi plans)! Excess data is capped at S$30/mth too!

Hop on down to Iluma today (Sat) for the official public launch of the phone! You stand to win a Motorola DEXT™ phone!

Enough information on the phone! 😀

Gotta say that the party was great! Food was nice, (alcoholic) drinks were nice, ambience was nice too!

I’ve also got to say, it’s nice to receive a thumbdrive with the necessary information – word documents & product images. Saves time to type everything out 😀

Thank you Ivy from Singtel for the invite!

The Hangout

At the recommendation of Huishan, the group of us (Victor, QQ, DK & me) headed down to The Hangout (Note: it’s a full flash site) last Thursday evening.

So what exactly is the place? Similar to The Minds Cafe / Settlers, it’s a place with games. On top of board / card games, there’s console games & wii as well!

Sounds fun eh?

Group of 5, but the rooms were booked, so we were allocated a small area along this stretch instead.

Since most of us have never played Guitar Heroes before, that was the first wii game we played!

(Huishan on mic, DK on guitar)

(DK on guitar, QQ on guitar)

(Victor on drums)

After almost an hour, we got bored and went on to play Raving Rabbids II (my constant favourite Wii game!). Too engrossed with playing that I didn’t take photos. 😀

2 days later, I met up with my Japanese class (7 years ago’s class) classmates for lunch at Liang Court. Been a long while since we last met up, Rebecca turned up with her family of 4!

(Becs’s son Kyle. Isn’t he a cutie? — his movement was too quick for the iphone)

Because we were in a group of 5 adults & 2 kids, we were given a room!

And the room was interestingly decorated, with Mario stickers!

Because we didn’t make it in time for the Happy Hour Package (2-6pm), we took the Console-Gaming Package instead. I think it cost $14.50 each for 2hrs, comes with free flow drinks, free flow Caramel Popcorn & 1 alacarte dish (which we took Cheese Fries). And I tell you.. Both the popcorn and cheese fries were NICE!

Played Raving Rabbids TV, but switched to Mario coz was too hard to play. LoL. And.. Mario was really fun! 5 of us took turns with the 4 wii controllers, Kate & Kyle seemed to have enjoyed themselves thoroughly throughout too!

(Kate seems to be enjoying herself)

(Gundam, LeeWei & me)

(Managed to steal some photos from Becs’s FB)

Here’s a view of the room!

It was an evening full of laughter. First in our history, and hopefully not the last! So much laughter that I got stitches :p

And that’s the end of my stories at The Hangout. If you’re keen on checking them out, they’re on facebook too!

And here’s sharing my favourite wall sticker!

Fortune Cookie

Colleague bought this fortune cookie from Guardian. Out of curiosity, I took one to try!

Took a bite and saw a piece of paper in it.

And it says..

“Believing in rumours will only add pressure to yourself”


Rich Son, Poor Son

Was clearing my emails, when I saw this video sent to my mailbox a month ago. First impression I had of this title, it must have got something to do with Rich Dad Poor Dad – a finance book written by Robert Kiyosaki and Sharon Lechter. – Thus me not wanting to viewing the video.

I must say, this is a very nice video. Nicely done, to tell us the importance of filiality, the not-so-importance of good education.

Yes, having a good education means (90% of the time) good life. But if you are not filial, you have failed in life – IMHO. As a parent, you want the best for your kids. Give them the best education, so that they can have a better life when they grow up. It’s a risk you take, that in return, they will take care of you when you grow old.

This video serves as a reminder to myself. I’m not a lawyer, nor a doctor-specialist, nor my own boss. I’m going to be a not-well-to-do employee and yet filial to my parents at the same time. Having a close knitted family is a bliss. =)

Taking care of your contact lens

Victor recently did an entry on “Tips on wearing contact lens“. I thought I’ll add in by doing one on how to take proper care of your contact lens, based on my 9 yrs of experience.

This post is meant for soft contact lens wearers, regardless of disposable (weekly / bi-weekly / monthly) or permanent. (Permanent lens does NOT mean it’s really permanent.. Usually the lens can last for 1 yr but can be extended to 1.5yrs with proper usage)

I started off wearing monthly lens, since I was too broke as a student. My optician was nice to give me a pair free when I get a year’s supply! That cost me $360 back in 2000, for a year’s supply. But that’s because I needed Toric66 lens, lens meant for astigmatism, and are usually more expensive.

Back to main topic.

If you are using disposable lens, multi-purpose solutions are your best friend.
I was using Complete Moisture for several years, until they released the new version which caused me eye irritation. Switched over to Alcon’s Optifree Express and I’ve no regrets since. Each bottle comes with a contact lens casing. I particularly liked the colour of the casing compared to SoloCare. 😀

Change the solution (in the casing) every other day if you do not wear the lens regularly
More for hygiene purposes. Can you imagine taking lens out of a casing that feels slippery? It irks me at the thought of that. I usually try to change the solution every 2-3 days (I don’t wear the contact lens everyday). If you forgot to change the solution, don’t panic. Just clean the casing and refill with new solution. If it makes you feel better, clean your lens as well. =D

Change the casing every other month
Prevents bacteria from accumulating. I usually change the casing when my bottle of solution is finished. My suggestion is to use solutions that come with free casing. Saves you money on buying casings.

Air-dry the casing when not in use
Avoid cleaning it with cloth or tissue. Rinse it with the multi-purpose solution when you need to use the casing again. Avoid using tap water to clean the casing. If you find using multi-purpose solution a tat too expensive for this, you can use Saline instead. Available at optical shops / Watsons etc.

Clean your lens after removing from your eye and before placing it in the casing
I’m sure we get lazy at times. But placing cleaned lens into the solution is better than having lens soaked in a dirty bath of solution. You can refer to this site for more information on the best way of cleaning soft contact lens.

Use Protein Tablets if you are using permanent lens
Protein tablets help to remove excessive protein from the lens. Protein gets built up when we wear contact lens for long hours. Use the tablets once a week. My routine is to clean the lens, soak in solution with protein tablets for at least 4hrs max 12hrs, clean lens, soak in clean solution for at least 15mins before wearing. Somehow my eyes get irritated when I wear freshly cleaned-with-protein-tablets lens. Best to soak them in multi-purpose solution or saline solution before wearing, to minimise irritation.
If you are using monthly lens, it’s not necessary to use protein tablets, since you’ll be throwing away the lens after a month.

With proper care of the lens, monthly lens can usually be worn for an additional 1 week. Permanent lens can have extended usage for half a year.

My two cents worth of information. Hope it helps!

Imeem has closed down?

Was trying to find some songs on Imeem recently, when the site kept redirectly me to myspace. I thought it was hacked.

With the closure of imeem, it has affect my work. Now there’s a need to search for other online mp3 streaming sites


Had a rare chance to have dinner outside, alone.

Sitting at IMM’s Mos Burger (the exact same routine I had when I came here for haircut 5mths ago), watching the different groups of ppl in the restaurant, enjoying the company of their friends.

Watching families bringing their small kids out for shopping, probably out for walks.

Watching how the kids are enjoying themselves, running about, fighting over the Sesame Street ride. The innocent looks on their faces.

Suddenly had a flashback. I was here with my family exactly 1 year ago, when I was recoverig from a depression-like mentality (I went into depression mode unknowingly after witnessing a traffic accident on the PIE, although I appeared normal to many). At that time, looking at those kids, I was wondering to myself, where did they come from? What will they be doing when they grow up? Where will they go to after they die?

Felt like I was alone at that time.

Have long since gotten out of it. But I still can’t help but think that life is really short. In the blink of an eye, friends of the same age are getting married, having kids of their own. Very soon the kids will grow up and have their own families. Time will fly.

What’s important now is to enjoy life while I can. Sad things, unhappy things. Think of how u can benefit from them. I always hang on to the thought, all things happen for a reason. There’s bound to be something to be learnt from everything, unhappiness inclusive. With the correct mindset, treating setbacks as challenges, staying optimistic and happy, you will find life is actually wonderful in its own way.

That’s how we grow up =)

STB Calendar 2010

Received (ok I had to ASK for it) the STB 2010 Calendar!

I thought it was very well designed and nice!


Each month has a different theme. What surprises me, was that each month comes with a “card” that’s stuck to the page. This is January’s.


The “card” looked loose ’cause I attempted to restick it.. hahaha

Taking the card off..


At the back of card, you can find more information of the featured location / event! Now there’s no excuse to give these locations / events a miss =X


And the dates itselves are nicely designed to suit the theme too!


The calendar is so nice that I had to do a blog post on it. Sorry if I spoilt the surprise for those who are getting the calendar tomorrow! 😀

You can check out my flickr for more images of the other months!

Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to all my readers!

As I did my countdown watching Cruel Temptations, I can’t help but think what resolutions should I set for myself for 2010.

I know it’s the concern of uncles & aunties regarding my Mr Right, and it’s always hard to reject their offer to matchmakings. Hv only 6 words to say, let nature take its own course. =)

Happy new year once again!