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Nan Hua Secondary School

Got a call from Junyang yesterday. It ended up with me trying to contact our classmates. And that fateful night (that’s last night), I dreamt that we were all back as students of Nan Hua Secondary School. The same old … Continue reading

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Everything Else Is Anti-Social

You must be wondering what it is. Singtel has recently launched a new Motorola Android phone – Motorola DEXT™. Was invited to the launch party at Helipad! Had a chance to play with it – for 5mins. Thought it’s very … Continue reading

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The Hangout

At the recommendation of Huishan, the group of us (Victor, QQ, DK & me) headed down to The Hangout (Note: it’s a full flash site) last Thursday evening. So what exactly is the place? Similar to The Minds Cafe / … Continue reading

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Fortune Cookie

Colleague bought this fortune cookie from Guardian. Out of curiosity, I took one to try! Took a bite and saw a piece of paper in it. And it says.. “Believing in rumours will only add pressure to yourself” hmmz…

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Rich Son, Poor Son

Was clearing my emails, when I saw this video sent to my mailbox a month ago. First impression I had of this title, it must have got something to do with Rich Dad Poor Dad – a finance book written … Continue reading

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Taking care of your contact lens

Victor recently did an entry on “Tips on wearing contact lens“. I thought I’ll add in by doing one on how to take proper care of your contact lens, based on my 9 yrs of experience. This post is meant … Continue reading

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Imeem has closed down?

Was trying to find some songs on Imeem recently, when the site kept redirectly me to myspace. I thought it was hacked. With the closure of imeem, it has affect my work. Now there’s a need to search for other … Continue reading

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Had a rare chance to have dinner outside, alone. Sitting at IMM’s Mos Burger (the exact same routine I had when I came here for haircut 5mths ago), watching the different groups of ppl in the restaurant, enjoying the company … Continue reading

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STB Calendar 2010

Received (ok I had to ASK for it) the STB 2010 Calendar! I thought it was very well designed and nice! Each month has a different theme. What surprises me, was that each month comes with a “card” that’s stuck … Continue reading

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Happy New Year 2010

Happy New Year to all my readers! As I did my countdown watching Cruel Temptations, I can’t help but think what resolutions should I set for myself for 2010. I know it’s the concern of uncles & aunties regarding my … Continue reading

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