Had a rare chance to have dinner outside, alone.

Sitting at IMM’s Mos Burger (the exact same routine I had when I came here for haircut 5mths ago), watching the different groups of ppl in the restaurant, enjoying the company of their friends.

Watching families bringing their small kids out for shopping, probably out for walks.

Watching how the kids are enjoying themselves, running about, fighting over the Sesame Street ride. The innocent looks on their faces.

Suddenly had a flashback. I was here with my family exactly 1 year ago, when I was recoverig from a depression-like mentality (I went into depression mode unknowingly after witnessing a traffic accident on the PIE, although I appeared normal to many). At that time, looking at those kids, I was wondering to myself, where did they come from? What will they be doing when they grow up? Where will they go to after they die?

Felt like I was alone at that time.

Have long since gotten out of it. But I still can’t help but think that life is really short. In the blink of an eye, friends of the same age are getting married, having kids of their own. Very soon the kids will grow up and have their own families. Time will fly.

What’s important now is to enjoy life while I can. Sad things, unhappy things. Think of how u can benefit from them. I always hang on to the thought, all things happen for a reason. There’s bound to be something to be learnt from everything, unhappiness inclusive. With the correct mindset, treating setbacks as challenges, staying optimistic and happy, you will find life is actually wonderful in its own way.

That’s how we grow up =)

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  1. @DK: ya man.. I’m starting to love people watching! Might want to do it again πŸ˜€

    @Ber: haha.. I seldom write such articles on my blog too =)

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