Secret Santa

It’s the company’s tradition to buy someone (randomly allocated) a gift he/she wants. Budget $20.

With our recent move into the new building at 50 Scotts Road, the arrangement was, we buy for JWT people, they buy for us. A good way of “interaction”.

What I wrote as my wish this year..

  1. iPhone Juice Pack. Which I regretted the following week, ‘coz I fulfilled it myself at Comex.
  2. Nikon DSLR
  3. Canon DSLR

I was hoping to get Apple voucher for the first item (before I bought the juice pack myself).

Coz I was on MC on Mon/Tues, and on leave on Wed, I saw a huge gift on my desk when I reported back to work on Thurs!

Gift from Secret Santa!
Gift from Secret Santa!

And I tell u.. it’s FREAKING HEAVY!!!

Everyone was curious about what it contained. Hahaha!

So I started “unboxing” it!

*Didn’t take a video of the unboxing process*

A peep from the side.. DoubleA box?!?!

Couldn’t resist the curiosity anymore. Took a scissors and cut away the wrapping paper. Hahhahaha!

Got my first wish fulfilled!

Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack
Wish #1: iPhone Juice Pack

2nd wish fulfilled..

Wish #2: Nikon DSLR
Wish #2: Nikon DSLR

Not bad leh.. high end model somemore!

3rd wish!

Wish #3: Canon DSLR
Wish #3: Canon DSLR

How exciting!

But! What exactly is inside the box?

*cut* *cut* *cut*

That’s A LOT of masking tape used!

And here goes… tadah!

Inside the box..
Inside the box..

Thank you my Secret Santa! But I don’t drink wor..

Much as I’m disappointed I didn’t get anything USEFUL, I had fun unboxing the gift!

Gave the Chang Beer to colleague instead.

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