Being disrespectful

Had not been getting quality sleep for the past few days. Dreams and nightmares.

Woke up as usual this morning, feeling a little bit grouchy when I saw my bus leave the bus stop just as I was reaching =

Thankfully the next bus came within 5mins! With many vacant seats somemore! đŸ˜€

Traffic jam along PIE till BKE. Not a good way to start the day, but I’m used to jams along BKE/PIE. It’s a norm.

Managed to catch the bus (that I had to change to) that was in front. As it was packed, I was standing at the entrance.

And I got a scare/fright at the next bus stop. Almost jumped when I heard a pretty loud “HOI!” over the shoulder. Turned back and saw an old uncle wanting to alight. Thought to myself, I didn’t hear him saying he wants to alight, nor did he do any indication leh.. I was facing the front, he was behind.

For an instant, I was shocked. You want to alight, cannot tell me is it? I’m not a tiny animal that can be scared away to make way for you! Bloody hell.. scare me you very happy is it?

I gave him the same respect I have for the elderly, gave way to him without complains. But I sensed a black face when I had to move elsewhere to make way for him. Uncle.. the bus very packed leh.. Not a lot of free space to move around, what do you want from me?

If he hadn’t had his walking stick with him (met this uncle a few times on the bus, he had to walk with the walking stick), I might have turned nasty.

Felt disrespected as a human. Is there a need to do a loud “HOI!”? I have ears if you make a request. I have sense organs if you tap me. There’s no need to scare me away to make way for you.

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