I want to pay fines

Thought I might want to borrow some books from the library since I’m not in a good mood today. Happily searched for books and got myself 3!

The borrowing station indicated that I have unpaid fines and doesn’t allow me to borrow any books.

(then I remembered that NLB had recently – few months back – implemented this rule that you can only borrow books if you are fines-free)

So I headed to the payment machine. Remembering that the new ez-link card is not accepted for payment yet, I whipped out the old card. Feeling glad that I’ve yet exchanged it for the new one, was stunned when the machine rejected it.

Tried at the e-kiosk. Same error.

Unfortunately, I have no cashcard. Didn’t bring my NETS card. Proceeded to the service counter to enquire if I can pay by cash instead.


Best is, the system says I’m of DELIQUENT status! Simply because I have an outstanding fine of THIRTY CENTS! *facepalm*

Haiyo! I’m already feeling moody from the morning’s incident liao, NLB must treat me like that! 🙁

So I had to leave the library empty handed. 🙁

NLB, you are so friendly.

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