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H1N1 Patient Zero’s name published on TNP

With the first case of H1N1 in Singapore on Wed, many are curious on who brought it here. I’m not curious about who it is, have not been searching online for any traces of the name. All I heard over … Continue reading

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the morning when everything went wrong

*cough* Yes I reached office ONLY at 11am! woohoo~ (?) haha Out of house at 9am (which was already later than my usual timing). Saw a jammed BKE from the doorstep (Yes I stay just at the BKE exit). Learning … Continue reading

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Eiji & Eileen’s wedding

June – Nov 2000 : (Poly year 3 sem 1) Student Internship Programme Was attached to this company together with Eiji. Classmates for a year at that point of time, but I’d long heard of his intelligence during year 1. … Continue reading

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Thanks to JK, I’m hooked to the song AGAIN! Can’t wait for Aug 29! Mayday concert! woohoo~ And will Cheer be coming to sing this song? I love her singing!! 私奔到月球 作词:阿信 作曲:阿信 其实妳 是个心狠又手辣 的小偷 我的心 我的呼吸和名字 都偷走 你才是 … Continue reading

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