Eiji & Eileen’s wedding

June – Nov 2000 : (Poly year 3 sem 1) Student Internship Programme
Was attached to this company together with Eiji. Classmates for a year at that point of time, but I’d long heard of his intelligence during year 1. And he really was (and still is I believe :p).

Somewhere during those months, being quite “arh” with him, I had updated news. That was when I knew he got attached to Eileen. All I was told, he got to know her online (through a mutual friend, which I later on realised that Eileen’s Drac’s poly-mate). Daily emailS were exchanged between the two of them then, during working hours (LOL).

1 year later, we graduated. Being the usual kay-poh that I’d always been, I started organising (a few) class gatherings. Eileen joined us on a few occassions? (I seriously can’t remember, coz the last gathering I organised was at least 6 years ago).

And we kind-of lost touch after that – I got busy with school and had no time to organise gatherings. But I was updated on Eiji from JK sometimes.

Fast forward to 6 Feb 2009

Received an email from Eiji, titled “My Wedding: Save This Date”. A few of us got together and asked “eh is it still the same girl?”. Sorry dude! That’s the problem when we’re not often in contact with one another! But the bride’s name sounded familiar.

10 May 2009 : The Wedding Day @ Grand Copthorne Waterfront Hotel

It felt more like a course-gathering, seeing 2 tables of familiar faces (and another familiar face wearing the Navy uniform! “Hi Royston!” – a uni fren) :D. I was congratulating the couple during reception when the bride called out my name (that was when I realised “hey it’s the same girl!”), saying that she remembers me from the gatherings I organised. Wow.. Thanks gal! I am honoured!

Congratulations Eiji & Eileen! I hope the next time we meet, there’s good news from both of you!

And here’s the photo that we waited for quite a while after the dinner ended..

Eiji & Eileens wedding
Eiji & Eileen's wedding

Congratulations once again!

PS: I couldn’t find my name on the guest list. Yes, I definitely WAS INVITED. I have the invitation card! *facepalm*

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