H1N1 Patient Zero’s name published on TNP

With the first case of H1N1 in Singapore on Wed, many are curious on who brought it here.

I’m not curious about who it is, have not been searching online for any traces of the name. All I heard over the Chn8 News (plus a little bit of information on Plurk) was, the girl’s a SMU student who went New York for a study trip.

Until I saw DK’s entry. Here’s the link to the online TNP article if you’re curious enough.

I have no qualms about publishing the name of the girl, but I do not understand why TNP chose to publish it when the official press releases from MOH & SMU (as well as other media) do not have it? What’s the purpose in publishing her name? To put shame on her? But when she has requested for her identity kept secret?

Why can’t TNP respect people’s privacy?

And Sars happened so long ago, why bring it up 6 years down the road now? Sars Patient Zero is the main victim, do you think she felt good about bringing the virus (when it was still unknown) back and cost the lives of her close ones?

Stop being so childish, TNP! If you think you can gain (more) fame by being the FIRST to publish the name of H1N1 Patient Zero, bringing back memories of SARS, think again.

It’s time to be more matured in handling such news.

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  1. Actually, I don’t think many people are interested in knowing the identity of the person. Saying a student from SMU is more than enough. Why the need to publish her name? Irresponsible reporting.

  2. I think that TNP shouldn’t post up the person’s name. What if people flame her? (Like what some are doing now I think)

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