4 Apr – Cheer Chen’s The Sun concert

Earlier this month, I was at Cheer Chen’s concert. By a series of events, I ended up going with JK instead of colleague. LOL.

Weeks prior to that, JK missioned me to learn ALL her songs coz I wasn’t that familiar with them. I was too busy (with work if you’d kept up with my plurks) to learn.. yes I could have listened while working but it’s hard to concentrate. šŸ™

A search on google for the concert poster brought me to this site. It’s interesting to know that STB actually posts such concerts into the events calendar. Amazed that the site is pretty updated.

Was supposed to meet JK at 5.30pm, but I was dilly-dallying (I think) that I was late, and took cab down, only to realise that.. he woke up only at 5.30pm.. -_-! Since it was still early, I went into Coffeebean and enjoyed myself with a cuppa Ice Blended Mocha and iPhone in hand. Feels good to do that, probably I should try it again šŸ™‚

Dinner was good. Simple food fare @ Pastamania. Couldn’t finish my food though, the serving was huge. Nevertheless, it was time well spent. =)

Decided to walk over to Indoor Stadium at 7. Didn’t realise that Star Pass holders can enter the venue early! Good thing I brought my card! Was planning to get some momentos, but nothing interest me. LoL.

I tried to do a live update when the concert started, but found it hard ‘coz I didn’t know the titles of the songs. Mission FAIL. haha!

First time hearing her live. Have heard that her unplug is nice, courtesy of JK, years back. But wasn’t really a fan of hers. No regrets going for her concert this year though! She’s good (and I think that’s what I always say, regardless which concert I go to). I like hearing her sing live. unplugged. And now I have another added to the “must go” list – Mayday, David Tao, Cheer Chen.

A random search on youtube

3 years ago her voice was already that good =)

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