Plantar fasciitis

My last entry on Plantar fasciitis was 5 months ago. It didn’t go off, but came back as and when it liked. The short research I did merely helped me understand more about it, until I was telling NLS about it yesterday. He sent me this link, which took me quite sometime to digest the information.

Quite an informative site I’d say. I’m now more determined to keep to the schedule of stretching the legs. Yes.. the pain became more obvious recently, until I had to stop wearing my Neckerman sandals (which I usually wear to work) and wore the crocs instead. Heck the weird colour combination, I needed my foot to be cushioned to feel comfortable.

The doc visit back then helped only informatively. I didn’t take the prescribed painkiller. Didn’t keep to the schedule of stretching the legs 3 times a day. Regretted. I can’t go for foot reflexology now, coz it really pained when the heel is pressed 🙁 And I still have 6 more sessions to go (I signed a package)!

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