Weary of my online life

For some reason, i’m losing interest with plurk – and indirectly – chatting with plurk frens. Triggered by a series of (thankfully not that unfortunate) events, though nothing political.

I think I need time to sort it out. Things are starting to go beyond my control and I don’t like it. Till then.

But does that mean I’m back to blogging? Hopefully. Although my offline life isn’t exactly that interesting..

Am supposed to have Japanese buffet tonight, but had diarrhoea throughout the day. Since I need to be out the whole day tmr, I decided not to take the risk. I’m missing the company of the 3 guys whom I’m supposed to meet. Guys! Sorry for flying pigeon tonight, can we meet up more often? Like.. resume our badminton sessions?

And Jem fyi, I am still going for k next Friday! Woohoo~

Done for the night. Need to be out of house by 6 for SDSC’s flag day tmr. If you see my flag ambassadors on the streets tmr, don’t run away from them ok? Donate some money and get your sticker passport!

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