Lousy mood

Work has literally taken over my life these days. I feel so no-life. But it’s good anyway, I get to save $! =p

Think it’s starting to come on me, was feeling so lousy last Fri that my replies weren’t exactly that friendly. Apologies to those on the receiving end. Was also hesitating if I should go ahead and join the plurk friends for ktv – Huishan, Victor, Qiquan and Vincent. Glad that I turned up, got cheered up totally by Mayday’s songs, on top of the great company I had. And supper at Newton Circus after that! Willy fetched us there and Darran joined us. Long time since I had cockles. yummy!

I’m now thinking, when will I have the time to post the many over-due photo entries. Have got no time to edit those photos! Plus I’m feeling lazy :p

And oh! When was the last time I had a fall? 3 years back? I’m now sporting 2 injured knees – wif cuts, 1 injured toe – wif cuts too, 1 cut near the eye, and a sprained neck. Sounds serious but I think it’s not. The pain’s pretty bearable compared to the one 3 years back. At least I fell (with my face down) on mud this time. There’s cushion. Imagine if I’d fallen on the concrete pavement instead. *shudders*

Thanks for all the concerned msgs yesterday! I feel so loved! 😀

Think I’ll do a summary of events – CNY & Valentine’s day especially, another time!

— the above post was typed out on the iPhone while lazing on the bed on a Sunday morning.

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