New look!

Post edit 27 June: I realise there are some bugs. Will fix when I’ve the time.

Spent a few days searching for nice themes to use. Shortlisted a few themes and finally decided on this!

Spent about an hr or so translating the error messages, which were in Spanish/French.

Spent another few hours getting the widgets up and running, inputing the celebrities’ urls (which are not part of the blogroll) etc.

And here it is!

Something bright and thankfully not sunny. Compared to the newspaper theme previously =)

Will there be a new outlook in life with a change in my blogskin? Hahaha..

Especially with a haircut and eyebrow trimmed, feeling refreshed.

More updates will be up, backdating all the way to 8 June, when I’m in the mood. All photos are in the work-laptop.

Meanwhile, stay tuned for the photos!

Current MSN nick: I ♥ Hang Hang

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