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The Exercising Week

I feel so healthy this week: Pilates on Wed, Badminton on Sat, New Body (a class conducted by Amore) on Sunday. Wow. Ignore me if I start complaining that my muscles are aching.

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WTF? People are mourning over the deaths of the many victims of the earthquake and you’re here babbling you’re HAPPY? *BIG EYES* Too pissed beyond description.

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不管你来自哪里,只要你选择了这里,你就有责任让它变成一个世界上最像家的家。 羽翔爸 ended his entry with this statement. An inspirational entry I’d say. It kept me thinking, if I’ve been too self-centered, too concentrated in this little world of mine. While I totally understand why foreigners flock to Singapore, I’m … Continue reading

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Pinky goes to town

Pinky takes a ride to town. She passes by this coffee shop called Ah Pa Kopi Tiam and decides that she should stop and eat some food. And then she said to herself, Who’s paying ah? Credits: for producing … Continue reading

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Three Little Pigs – CFA version

Once upon time there were three little pigs. One day, they gathered around their mother (who was a CFA as it happened) and listened to her say: “Little pigs, it’s now time you all went out into the world and … Continue reading

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一个星期已过去。。 救护人员还在努力的寻找生还者。 他们发现一名男子被压在好几层楼的碎石下,凭着家人还在等他,坚持的活着。4个小时后,救护人员终于把他给揪了出来。可是。。那名男子撑不下去了。。 在电视上看到这一幕,我不尽落下泪来。 真的好遗憾。 全中国举半旗,为罹难者举行三天的哀悼。 大家祈祷吧。希望还有生还者被找到。希望他们还能奇迹般的活着。

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It’s the longgggggggg weekend!

Woohoo~ It’s weird trying to feel high over a long weekend, especially when it’s coming to an end. =| Oh well.. the ulcer came and go. Should be able to fully recover from it by tomorrow! Busy weekend I’ve had. … Continue reading

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出頭天 by 五月天

Long awaited 闽南语 song. 出頭天 /五月天 在我的天頂 甘有人會看見 看到我不甘願這樣過一生 在我的一生 我甘願來相信 每一朵花都有自己的春天 在我的天頂 大雨落不停 也不能改變到我的固執 永遠等待 那一日 咱可以出頭天 人生不怕風浪 只怕自己沒志氣 那一日 咱可以出頭天 我盼望的日子 會真快 來到我身邊 在我的天頂 甘有人在保佑 怎樣我常常摔的頭殼流血 血乾會結痂 失敗也不失志 成功是咱自己看自己得起 飄浪的日子 等待著時機 我不信命運會這麼無情 永遠等待 那一日 咱可以出頭天 人生不怕風浪 只怕自己沒志氣 那一日 … Continue reading

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Mango Mochi

hrmph.. the previous post is obviously posted only JUST. lol.. It had been in the draft folder since monday, been quite busy. Finally decided not to be lazy, after being chided by someone, and made Mango Mochi! Pity I didn’t … Continue reading

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Mothers’ Day 2008

The annual MD gathering was here again! Woohoo! The “day” started, obviously, only when I reached the celebration venue. XD After I’m done with fooling around, or rather, after I’m satisfied with the buffet dinner and feeling so left out, … Continue reading

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