The wrong side of the bed

*plop plop*

Woke up in a fright when I heard the sound.

As I moved my hands around my pillow.. “Damn it, where’s the bloody handphone?!”

Took me a while to realise, the small bolster at the side of the bed is somewhere else on the bed.

OH MY GOD. My handphone dropped from the wrong side of the bed. In the 6 yrs of its existence, this is the 2nd time my phone has fallen off from the bed, onto the wrong side.

Mine, is a bunk bed. Triple storey, inclusive of a pullout bed. A junior set that comes with built-in shelves and a flight of 4 steps (mini staircase with built-in cupboards) that brings you up to the upper bunk.

And I.. sleep on the upper bunk. The phone fell on the side of the wall.

I took a look at the alarm clock, it said 2.35am. Since it’s too early to retrieve the phone, I went back to sleep. Or rather, I tried.

Started perspiring, as the wall fan had already stopped due to the timer I set. Climbed down the stairs to reach the fan remote on the shelf at the other side of the room.

Climbed back up and attempted to sleep.

For the next 5 hours, I kept dreaming of the poor handphone that fell. 2 different locations, same dream – I dropped the phone behind some furniture. The 2nd dream happened in office at a new location. I dropped the phone behind the sofa in the pantry.

Subconciously I remembered that my phone dropped somewhere, and that I have to retrieve it when I wake up in the morning.

At the moment before I woke up (at the ending of the 2nd dream), it was Louis S who helped me retrieve the phone. I woke up feeling happy coz my phone was retrieved.

Then. Reality struck. My phone’s still stuck behind the bed. My first reaction was to put my barang-barang onto the side of the bed with the barrier. Then quickly climbed down and PULL the bloody-heavy double-storey bed.

A few pulls and I was already exhausted. The distance between the bed and the wall wasn’t big enough for me to walk through to retrieve the phone. As I peeped in, WAH! my phone’s stuck ONTO the wall! LOL.

Got dad to come in and pull the bed. One pull and it’s done. Duh. Why do the 2 genders have different strength level? =|

Did some vacuuming (saw some waste paper and money underneath) and attempted to push the bed back. Slightly easier, but couldn’t push the bed to the end. Too tired, and dad had already left for work.

And I was sweating all over. -.-!

For the whole day now, I’ve been yawning non-stop. I need my sleep…

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