It’s the longgggggggg weekend!


It’s weird trying to feel high over a long weekend, especially when it’s coming to an end. =|

Oh well.. the ulcer came and go. Should be able to fully recover from it by tomorrow!

Busy weekend I’ve had.

A last minute arrangement on Sat afternoon, with LW & me getting too bored in the afternoon, we decided to jio the rest for ktv. Set for 8pm but all’s late. haha.. I always liked hanging out with this group of ex-colleagues, the feeling’s different as compared to hanging out with school-friends / classmates. Somehow or other, there’s bound to be common topics that all of us shared. =)

And I tried 心动心痛. According to LW it was a good first attempt. Woohoo! 配音 or backup vocal, is something that I’m trying to learn. With no music teacher. =X But still, good job to myself!

Skipped sunday’s aerobics coz Carolyn can’t make it.

So I ended up “earlier” at Fen’s place. After losing $7 on the mj table, I called it quits and went home. LOL. Got called home, leaving me with no choice. =| But I was back to Fen’s place after dinner, with the 2nd batch of mango mochi!

And! I’m ADDICTED TO Wii! OMG.. Fen! Pass to me when you’re done with it! XDDDDD

Monday was supposedly spent nuah-ing, but I made an attempt to shop at Phoon Huat (AGAIN). I’m starting to love that place. 😉

Hoping to do round 3 tonight.

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