Who’s reading this?

Really.. I’ve no idea who are the people reading my blog.

I update ‘coz it’s a way to vent my frustrations on, supposedly also a way to let my frens know abt my current status.

I much prefer it to be blog-when-I’m-in-the-mood kind, rather than one that’s topic based. Since I don’t always have a good topic to share, seeing that I’m such a mountain tortoise =D

Times when I thought of starting a food blog, one suggested by my immediate boss @ work, but thoughts of having to go around sourcing for good food turns me off. I don’t have the luxury to travel all around SG.

Also thought of making it a technology blog, but I’m not so tech-inclined. There are many others out there who outshine me.

Making it a kids related blog is also out of the question, where to get so much information to post?

haha.. Shall just leave it as it is.


was on MC today. Went to this clinic @ Gangsa that’s AVIVA covered. No queue. Freaking lousy service provided by the clinic assistant. Doc was quite alright, but he doesn’t seem to want to do a thorough check.

Mon’s doc was better, at another clinic @ Fajar. Though it was a long 1.5hrs queue, the doc’s so much better. Measured my blood pressure, and said that I’ve got faint heartbeat -.-!

Slept through the whole day today. The cough medicine is so strong, that I got drowsy in less than 2 hrs time. The first dosage, I slept for 4 hrs, 2nd dosage 2 hrs. Don’t think I can take the medicine tomorrow, else I’ll sleep @ work =

I think the 3rd dosage is starting to take effect.

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