Tiring week

Seeing my updates for the week, which was done pretty often, it doesn’t seem like it was a tiring week right? Especially when you read it day by day.

Let me do a quick summary.

Spent morning waiting at the doc. Blur me told doc I don’t need MC. Reached office at 1pm, left office at 10.30pm. Reached home at 11pm.

Reached office at 9.45am, left at 11pm. Reached home at 11.30pm.

Reached office at ard 10am, left at 6.30pm for Centre Manager’s briefing at SDSC. Reached home at 10pm.

Too tired. The many late nights was too much for my body to handle. Plus the irritating non-stop cough and the irritating throat. The body finally gave in to MC.

Reached office at 9.30am. Supposed to leave at 6.30pm for NH alumni meeting @ Clementi, looking at the amount of work I’m left with, decided to stay back in office to clear as much stuff as I can. Brain got stoned at 7pm. Went with colleagues to IT fair instead. After getting what L wanted to buy, went for dinner at 9.30pm. Finally reached home at 11pm. Received an email from a friend about this online story, got curious & went to take a look. Addicted, and finished reading what was on the site @ 2am.

Woke up at 7 ‘coz the alarms couldn’t wake me up. Washed up as fast as I could, took a cab down to Crescent Girls Sch for SDSC flag day. Good job gals, most of the tins were heavy =) Was already 3.30pm by the time I reached office. Managed to clear what I wanted to clear on Friday, until L came in at 5.30pm. Haha.. Cleared more stuff, wrote down all my doubts that had to wait till Mon. Finally left at 7pm. Wanted to drop by IT fair again, but seeing the massive crowd @ Suntec, L went by himself instead. Waited pretty long for the bus, reached home only at 9pm. Instant noodles dinner at 10pm. Wrong choice.. still feeling so full now.

And I’m feeling so tired now. On top of the weekly Sunday routine tomorrow, I’m meeting Kid^Ken @ Parkway Parade tmr afternoon.

I need more energy to survive the next week.

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