Fun over the weekend

Damaged done to my pocket this long weekend: $500

What I bought.. 3 pairs of Levis / Levis Signature jeans + Adidas duffel bag (items I wanted to get long ago) and a top from Forever 21 which I kinda bought on impulse. lol

I must have been in a super good mood when I was out with Leewei. =D Tired but happy.

A trip down to boss’s place @ Bishan this afternoon. Calista is so small in size! Being a 25day old baby, ya she almost hit the 29 Feb birthdate, she’s sooooo small! Maybe she takes after the mummy? The mummy’s quite petite from what I see.

Dropped by Junction8 after that. Caught 李圣杰 in action! Love one of his new songs! Forgot the title though.. hmm..

Enough fun this weekend. Time to rest and gear up for the week ahead!

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