The fateful morning

A long journey to work this morning, jammed on BKE/PIE for 1hr+.

Saw an accident @ Stevens Road exit (while the bus was exiting the jam).. First I saw 2 bikes & a car driven by a Malay lady. Seeing the 3 riders/driver talking to one another, one on the phone. Further down, a sky blue 2-door-sports-car-lookalike, someone sitting inside, seemingly stunned. A brown long-sleeved man was busy taking photos of a blue tent labeled “Police”. You know what happened when you see those blue tents..

Just 1metre away was a motorcycle lying on the road, with 2 helmets beside it. Gosh! You mean there are 2 people lying under the blue tent? ='(

Deeply affected. Just when these days the thought of death kept coming to me. Kept thinking how scary it feels like when you know you’re losing your breathe. Sigh..

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