The Old Garden

Thanks to LW for extending the invite to me =)

Media screening last night was held at Cineleisure. Arrived early, walked around trying to find the counter to get my tickets.

The invite said screening starts at 7pm.

Was only at 6.50pm when the organisers arrived and setup the booth.

Got my tickets, went in to grab good seats since it was free seating.

No movie trailers while waiting for the movie to start. All we saw on the big screen up there, was one that says “Cathay wishes all a happy and prosperous new year” or something along that line. Boring wait.

Screening finally started at 7.20pm. Having watched the trailer and read a bit on the plot, I had quite high expectations of the show.

The storyline is about this guy who’s a revolutionist. Met an ex-revolutionist lady while he was on the run, and they fell in love. They lived together for a few months, he left to settle some revolutionary stuff. Sadly, he got caught by the police. Supposedly given a life sentence, he was released 16 yrs 8 months later. While searching for the lady, he discovered a “shocking” truth (That’s what the site said) . But I couldn’t sense any “shock” from the show. And it wasn’t much of a love story between the two as what I had expected it to be.

1hr 52mins is too draggy. Almost dozed off in the middle of the show, when there was about 1 min of black screen. Yes.. the black screen was part of the movie itself. But total darkness, without any dialogue, seems wrong.

I’d be a spoiler if I reveal what “shocking” truth it was, all I can say is, not worth watching if you don’t like revolutionary movies. There are quite a few disturbing scenes as well. Probably still worth renting of the DVD when it appears in the market.

NTU EEE Night 2008

Hello Mr Ang. If you’re reading this post, these are the videos uploaded by your fans. Have not seen you for quite sometime, when will we ever have a class gathering with you present? =D

the tensed environment

When a colleague popped by my desk this afternoon, she could sensed the tension around my workarea, where “uncle” xz is sitting.

The anxiety was about the same in every corner of the office.

Checking our bank accounts every few minutes..

Going down to the 2nd floor atm to check if $ is in..

Asking around if he/she has gotten their pay..


And no.. “uncle” xz is not our finance guy lah.. just that he’s stressed out by the project he’s handling. lol. thus the tension around my workarea.

It had been a long week

Yes it had been a long week.

2 late nights within 4 days.  Rushing work. Getting up at normal timing the next day.

The whole week had just been work, work and more work.  Boy was I glad when I met my uni khakis for SCP dinner on Wed night. Missed them so much!

I’ve been declared broke, yes.. again! Till my claims are reimbursed..

Short entry for the week. I’m finally leaving office early. =)

Symfony music

Been “listening” to Symfony music. Though having headache, I’m still having fun.


More to come.. More to go..

原来你也唱过我的歌 by Fish Leong


听说过这边失恋的人 也会点唱分手快乐
旁人话过这里有个大男孩 欠缺勇气想示爱 唱勇气来当替代

分开两地都不紧要 即使距离也会再变小
从旋律中的感觉 再把我们连系了
如乐章的变调 连过客也变得亲切了

原来你也唱过我的歌 陪同见证年月的经过
感激有你肯相信我 我们随旋律的高低挽手走过

原来我唱你也在拍和 亲昵犹如我是情人吗
即使从未认真拖手过 却也彷佛爱过

听说过这边厢的恋人 唱我喜欢都很快乐
宁静夏季分享多一首亲亲 完全无条件为你 我也觉无穷快乐

分开两地都不紧要 今天我陪你唱到破晓
如像熟悉的歌曲 已把友谊维系了
唯望好好答谢 能碰上原是有多奇妙

原来你也唱过我的歌 陪同见证年月的经过
感激有你肯相信我 我们随旋律的高低挽手走过

原来我唱你也在拍和 亲昵犹如我是情人吗
即使从未认真拖手过 却也不愿离座

原来你也唱过我的歌 陪同见证年月的经过
悲喜对错一起去过 我们还未共分享的尚有很多

原来再见仍然未生疏 心底埋藏我每段情歌
感激从未认真相识过 却这么宠爱我

C’est la vie by Fish Leong

C’est la vie

詞:黃婷 曲:易傑齊/伍冠諺

Ne laisse pas le temps,te décevoir…
….ll ne peut être conquis…
Dans la tristesse, dans la douleur…
Aujourd’hui, demain…
Au fil du temps… Le temps… C’est La Vie…

也許我會再遇見你 像戀人般重逢美麗
看你滿臉胡渣的笑意 爽朗一如往昔
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie C’est La Vie

走一個城市的陌生 走到了
一路微笑的滿天繁星 消失在日出裏
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie C’est La Vie

oh 塞納馬恩省河的水 是心的眼淚
流過了你笑的 每個樣子(一去不回)
我會在你的記憶 看到我自己
看到了結局 愛在錯過後更珍惜

都將走向新的旅途 Au rev oir
看車窗外的你沈默不語 我不再哭泣
C’est La Vie C’est La Vie C’est La Vie

oh 塞納馬恩省河的水 是心的眼淚
流過了漂泊的 人生風景
願我們各自都有 美好的一聲
美好的憧憬 愛在遺憾裏更清晰