Seeking greener pastures

Sigh.. Recently I’ve been starting to open emails from JobStreet / JobCentral. Really have the urge to just leave and go. Tired of the many sai that I’ve to clear.

I’ve also been thinking.. is programming what I really want to do? I no longer find joy from sitting in front of the monitor screen for long hours.

I’ve other interests yes. My passion for Maths is still there. I think that’s the only unchanged interest over all these years (since pri sch?)

Also looking at events management. Something which I’ve been doing since Sec sch, getting involved with those ecas, organising events.. Had so much fun.

Nursing. Something which I have to start from scratch.

Medical industry: Audiologist. Interesting eh? Yet another area which I’ve to start from scratch. And no local university offers this course.

Childcare. An area which I’ll definitely go to when I’m really really tired of the working society out there.

I’m tired. 3 months of endurement to go. Can I survive?

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