Tiring days! But fun!


Just back from class BBQ!

Back track to Friday!

Company retreat! Woke up freaking early, that’s if u know my daily wake up time. Awake at 6.30am! >.< Had to report by 8.30am @ Rasa Sentosa. Met the RMD guys while waiting for Jazzle to pick me up from St James Powerstation. Everyone's late hahahaha Supposed to be having morning tea, but everyone's complaining of lack of sleep. Our normal start-work time is abt 9.30am, so you can see almost everyone having panda eyes. = Almost requested for a 1hr break for nap. keke. The whole thing started off with our MD giving a very short speech of 10 slides. Yeah we call it short, if you've ever attended his talks. *oops* Our trainers for the day, were from änergy, led by Alvin.

Team building games started! Answering common questions flashed on the screen, with some questions related to what was submitted to them via a survey form we did weeks ago. Cool. Obviously, whatever we did for the day, motive behind was for teambuilding. haha.. One of the questions we had, was to construct a bbq pit with corn with cob, kerbab and chicken wings, using plasticine. My team have good creativity! Our pit looked cool! Will post up the pic when I grab hold of the photos!

Lunch was @ the cafeteria @ Rasa Sentosa. The beef was YUMMY! *slurps*

Next up on the agenda, “tour” around Sentosa island. (This is the programme that we went through) My team’s first station was so far away! Right at the other end of Sentosa. Gosh.. Luckily we were allowed to take free transportation =D

1st station was bean bag throwing @ the kids pool (think it’s Palawan Beach). The bean bag was placed on a piece of 1m x 1m cloth, everyone had to touch the cloth and attempt to throw the bean bag into the hula hoop tt’s about 4-5m away. Took us 2 tries to throw it in during practice. Had to get the bean bag into the hoop 2 times, we took 29 actual tries to throw the bean bag in for the stipulated 2 times. LoL.

Next clue led us to the Merlion. Using those covers you’d use to cover the wires on the wall, we had to walk with the ping pong ball on it, to the end point (2m away) and back to starting point, and pass the ball to the next person. Ball can’t drop (1sec penalty), fingers can’t touch the ball (another 1sec penalty). 2nd successful attempt took us 1m 20s!

3rd clue was meant for Butterfly Kingdom. A marker was controlled by raphia strings to be held by everyone. Had to draw a circle, square, triangle, 5-pointed star, and a 5 petal flower.Good job guys! Our drawing got 3rd!

4th was the trust fall high up at the Dragon’s Trail where the war remnants remain. Trust fall! OMG! Not that I don’t trust my teammates, but.. phobia!! Sigh.. Knowing that I’m in safe hands, but I knew I was scared coz I gave a scream when the facilitator gave me a slight push so that I can fall backwards. =( Pretty fun though! Not the after-effects lah.. (the aching arms that I’m having now)

Last station! The Blow-Darts @ erm.. what’s that place called? The train station where 7-11 is, and is near the Beach Carpark. Forgot the name of it. But I love the station, we had to blow darts onto the board abt 7-8m away. Got it right on target on my 1st try! woohoo! 2nd successful try as well! I’m not pro though! My teammate managed to get it right for 9 consecutive tries!! How cool can she get? For the 20 tries we had altogether, we had 16 successful ones! yay! The highest score!

10 minutes left to get back to Rasa Sentosa. Almost ran, or rather, we walked pretty fast. 3rd team to be back to the starting point. Not too bad.. All of us had our name tags intact (additional points!), all of us had chops on our hands! (chops were given to active members, additional points as well!)

And… the results!! My team got 2nd! To think that we lost to team 4 by a mere 1 point! Lol! yay yay! Great job!

And yes.. the teambuilding games ended officially at 5.30pm. Break till dinner at 7pm.

Dinner was special. BBQ by the beach! Imagine food were being bbq-ed and placed in the buffet-trays. Hee.. Nice bbq food we had. Thanks to the hotel chefs! Best food was the bbq crayfish! yummy! And the best drink for the night, was the red wine we brought in! *slurps* I still remember the taste. Simply love it! Remind me to check out the name of it when I see my boss online. I’d never loved drinking wine so much. =X

As usual, coz we had to arrive for dinner in beach wear, some of us got dumped into the sea. My boss inclusive. haha..

Highlight of the night though, was Carolyn’s 2 yr old daughter. Sitting on the same table as me, the whole table (and the table behind us as well), were all uncles & aunties. I was young for the night (there were a few who are younger, one of whom is just 18 this yr LOL), coz I was the ONLY jiejie around. WAHAHAHHAHAHAAH. She’s cute lah! But she called me auntie when she saw me on Sat morning! *faints*

That very night, the Projects team decided to play a prank on my roomie. Sorry gal! I only helped to open the door for them! =X Recorded the entire episode on my camera. Haha!

While they went down to the cafeteria for 2nd round of party, I chose to sleep early. Of all times I had to get a headache. $*&##$E&# Thought through a fair bit of stuff while I was alone in the room. I seriously thought how great it would have been if I was really drunk. Wanted to know if I will 酒后吐真言. If I am, probably that would be the best chance to face my true feelings =)

Oh well, breakfast on Sat was provided as well. Yummy breakfast! I must say that the price paid for the entire stay was worth it (not that I paid a cent though). I love the hotel room, I love the food. I love the breakfast best! yummy yummy! Shall post the photos when I transfer them out!

Upon checking out, decided to go back home to take a short nap before proceeding to 2E4 class chalet.

Was almost late in meeting Yusheng. haha.. overslept!

Weiqun & his gf Bijun lost their way, so me, YS & his gf Liting waited for WQ & BJ to pick us up at White Sands. Simply because it was so hard to get any taxis at that time.

Reached Aloha Loyang Bungalow 11! Most of the guys were already there: Jinsheng, Kian Chew, Weijie & gf Doreen, Shaowei & gf Yvonne, Chor Seng, Alex & gf Fengxia, Henry (reached a while later) & gf Ziying, Meiqin (Henry’s ex-colleague), Peng Tiong, Gerald. Quite a good turnout! Even though.. I was the ONLY female representative from the class. =| Where are the other gals!

Fun night though! The food was great, the game we played was fun! Thanks to Chor Seng for organising the game!

Thanks to the organisers! Looking forward to the next chalet! =D

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