Real life example

For some reason, I always get emotional when I read the blog of my friend’s ex-husband.

Why do such people exist in this world?

Unemployed, not actively looking for job but playing online game in front of his computer screen the whole day.

Married for 1 yr, flat renovation was signed using wifey’s card. Monthly maintenance was paid by wifey.

Now that they’re in the processing of divorcing, he’s putting the blame on her.

A person with mood swings, I’d say. Some entries said he still loved her regardless of what she’d done, yet some were filled with angst and were targeted at her.

Now that they’re living separately, he’s staying in the flat that is still being supported by the wifey. She’s still paying for the renovations done signed using her card.

I can’t jump to conclusions since I do not know him personally, only through his blog. But still, I’m disgusted by his behaviour.

It’s real life examples like this that puts me off relationships. Much as I like the other party, afraid to take a step forward coz no one can determine what’s going to happen in the future.


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