Despite the flu, I popped down the hospital after rushing my assignment. My dear budz got hospitalized after an insect bite, and had to undergo a minor surgery on that. It just sounds so scary when he narrates the situation in the surgery room ><

Anyhow, get well soon bro!

And I’m feeling damn sick lah! The sneeze that doesn’t want to come, made me tear so many times! How am I going to survive through tomorrow’s interview?

Did retail shopping during lunch. Popped down to BPP and bought for myself Shirlyn‘s album. She’s part of The UnXpected band that plays at Wala every Thur/Sat. Kind-of like the album, despite me not being an English song lover, not to mention Rock songs. =) I like the 4th song, SNOW. Haven’t had the time to look through the lyrics, but the music sounds soothing to my ears =) Go get the album if you like Shirlyn.

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