Questions of the Day

Taking a short break.. hahaha post ur answers in the comments!
Question 1

imagine u r a satay man n a customer ordered 12 sticks of satay.. but your peng-gang tray can only take 8 satays at one go… n each side of the satay takes a min…

for the order of 12 satays… what’s the shortest time to do your satays?

Question 2

here are 10 bags of 10 equal weight balls each. however there’s a bag with 10 equal slightly-heavier balls compared to the other 9 bags… (get it so far?)

u hv an electronic weighing machine which u can only measure once ie one reading!! cannot think along the lines of eg 20 balls then remove one by one to register the readings…

so with that one reading how do u tell which bag contains the heavier balls?

3 Replies to “Questions of the Day”

  1. okie. i tink i noe e answer 2 e
    1st question. izzit 24mins?
    2nd question i hav no idea wat izzit toking abt. even if i did i do not noe e answer. =p

  2. 1st answer: SHORTEST time leh!

    2nd answer: there are 10 bags, in which the 10 balls in each bag are of the same weight. but, not all 100 balls are of the same weight. in 1 bag, the weight of each ball is slightly heavier than that in other bags. Supposed you are only allowed to measure the weight ONCE, how do you determine which bag contains the heavier balls?

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