in the middle of the countdown..

I think I can fall apart anytime. This is the first time I’m juggling school and housework at the same time. And let me say it again, it’s 100% of housework, not just helping out one or two stuff! I’m tired. Really tired. Came back home after a cui-ed paper, only to find the dishes UNWASHED in the sink. Buckets of dirty clothes in the bathroom. My time, is spent 70% on doing housework, after minusing off my sleeping hours. There are two people to help. Supposedly. One who hugs the computer 24hrs/day. Another who always say “this is not my job”. Thanks. I tell you.. if mum do the housework and aggravates her injury, you’ll be doing the housework permanently. I wouldn’t help you when the day comes.

I’d be a genius if I pass my exams this semester.

Counting down..
15 Nov – Principles of Economics
16 Nov 5pm – 7pm => Computer Networks
17 Nov 2.30pm – 4.30pm => Advanced Algorithms
20 Nov 1pm – 3pm => Neural Networks
21 Nov 9am – 11am => Computer Architecture
22 Nov 9am – 11am => Cryptography and Network Security

edited on 17 Nov 8.50pm

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  1. Ansley says:

    But u are a genius

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