it’s a compricrated story

Received a call frm MS at 1.30am. Brought back memories.. much as I want to get over the incident that happened a year ago, which I’d already did btw, she had me telling her the story from my view. A story which I thought only involved me & E, a new character has appeared. The story’s getting more and more compricrated..

Poor E’s all alone in another part of the world, all we can do for her is to find out what exactly happened. Seriously speaking, it really is not worth the time and effort spent on the lead actor. Just pray that E is strong enough to survive through this crisis.

I don’t know if the above paragraphs contain any obvious details of the storyline. I do know of the presence of unwanted visitors to this site, but.. do I really have to care? It’s the lead actor who had let us down in the first place.. shouldn’t the story be well-published? So that there won’t be any additional characters to the story?

But still, since I’ve found the courage to take a step out of that incident, I believe E & MS can also do it. jiayou!