another sinful night

yes again.. this time round, I was busy playing mahjong instead.. ahha!

Think I’ve accumulated too much bad karma these days.. I’ve been on a losing streak! =(

Summary of the first day of e-learning week..
Went school to do Neural Networks assignment, only to realise that we can’t use the toolbox in Matlab. Haiz.. Lucky Fen brought her laptop adapter! Since I didn’t bring mine, we shared hers! Quite a productive afternoon @ SCR, except that.. someone, I can’t remember who, suggested going AMK for crabs!! OMG.. And so.. we proceeded to AMK Ave 3 B232 for crabs! Waited till slightly before 9pm before we were served our dishes. Yummy crabs!!

Reached home after 2 sessions of mahjong, at 5+am. Less than 30mins from now actually.. Saw the kitchen lights on when I stepped into the house, and I thought who didn’t off the lights.. All 3 lights were on, quite a rare scenario in my house, given that I trained everyone to save electricity.. Walked in to check, only to realise a stranger in the bathroom doing laundry!

Shocked me stood there for less than 1 sec lah.. ahhaha.. I may be bad at remembering important things, but I do remember that Elaine jie has offered to put her new maid at my house till the current one goes back to Indonesia. Yeah! Which means to say I’m freed from doing housework for a few days! Seriously speaking ah.. it really is tiring doing housework! I’ve been struggling between school, gaming, studying, housework and soon-to-be cooking for the past 2 weeks. Oh not to forget, painting! It is tiring tiring tiring!

Thanks Elaine jie again!! Though it’s just a few days.. but still.. 谢谢!

It’s almost 6am. Tired.. *yawnz*