crazy day

A very big SORRY to my fanatic readers out there. I just reached my hall.. ya 2.15 in the wee hours of the morning.

Been a very busy day.. (yes again..) Skipped 2 lectures in the morning ( I know.. I shouldn’t skip.. ) And was half an hour late for the 3rd lecture. Hai.. Was supposed to have a lab UAT today, but no idea why it wasn’t carried out. Was away at the lead developers’ meeting.

Attended Hall 15’s CNY dinner just now. Though I only know Ash @ my table, it was a fun dinner throughout. Games were played while eating. Not too bad. Staff Club is a nice place ^^

Did a craziest stint I’ve ever done today. I actually walked all the way to Hall 5 at 11.50pm. Hall 5 is at the other end of the school.. (almost.. since it’s about half an hour’s walk) When his meeting ended, I almost wanted to go to h5 immediately. He’s sick, & I wanted to make sure that he’s alright. It sounds crazy but ya.. I did it.. in the middle of the night. Did some “room-visiting” also. Amok & Feli ( poly LT-mate & sec sch junior respectively ) stay in nearby hall (hall 1), so decided to drop them a visit. “Supposed” to teach Amok some Discrete Maths stuff, but turned out that I’ve forgotten lots of it. Haha..

It’s a crazy day. Received a call from SP, saying that ML wants the accounts to be done by tomorrow. Which is madness as I left all accounts books at home. Hai.. Gotta go home, bring the books to school and do the accounts. So that I can “jiao1 cai1” on Sat. Arghhh why am I the treasurer?!?! And where’s my Asst Treasurer? Missing in Action since the day she got appointed as my assistant. !@#$%T^3$%^&*(