thank you

Thanks for accompanying me this evening. Sorry you had to wait for me ‘coz I need long transportation time to school. Thanks for the offer to hammer the person who pissed me off this afternoon. Though I know you said it to keep me entertained, it meant a lot. Thanks for listening to all my crap (I seriously wonder where all my crappiness came from.. It wasn’t the real me ). A good entertainer will never be successful without a good audience.

You made my day. Yes I know saying so many “thanks” is definitely not enough. If you get to read this entry, thanks again.

Talking about the person who pissed me off this afternoon.. Went down to Bt Panjang Plaza to report for work ( helping QH & RD to do canvassing ) @ 4pm sharp. Received a phone call from Mel the person in charge. “Have you reached BPP?” “Oh you’ve reached.. Wanted to ask you to report to Sun Plaza instead” “Nvm then” I’ve indicated CLEARLY that I’m working @ BPP, not elsewhere! And Sun Plaza is so FAR away!! Just because the 2 girls who were @ BPP for the morning shift didn’t want to get splitted up, I had to sacrifice my precious time to travel so FAR ? If not for the sake that I’m helping out with the canvassing, I’d have told you I don’t want to work anymore. You’re so disorganised. Everything should have been planned in advance. Made me rush home from school. Was already on-board the bus when I realised I didn’t pack my contact lens which you said it’s COMPULSORY not to wear specs. I alighted and WALKED a good 15mins walk along the ulu road back to my hall just for the lens. Then it was too late, had to take a cab home. WASTED my money! And I had to sacrifice my $8*6hrs (excluding the $10 cab fare) for today. After some discussion with my mum, I decided not to work for you anymore. It’s hard to imagine that such a hugh company can only afford 2 outfits for each outlet, and so many gals had to share that outfit (2 gals per session, 2 sessions a day) for 2 months without washing! OMG.. For hygiene purposes, I’ve made up my mind. Good luck to you. And sorry QH & RD..

Ya did I say I’m having rashes now? *sob* Rashes for 2 days le.. ARGH!!

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  1. Frw..sound so piss off… ha..i still waiting for my turn to tok to u leh….when is your next avaliable appointment..a…bwt..I AHVE FINALLY UPDATED MY BLOG…..

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