nuahing day

How should I describe my day? It was a short one, ‘coz I woke up only at 12 noon. Spent the whole afternoon typing minutes for the conference. My handwriting was so illegible that I had a hard time trying to decipher what I wrote. Haha.. That’s why I only managed to finish typing it an hour ago.

My mum went Chinatown with my sis. I was feeling lazy, so didn’t join them. Go there squeeze with people.. Can’t shop much also. Bro went out shopping.. Leaving me alone at home. Hai.. I come home only once a week leh.. Yesterday also.. All outside leaving me alone at home.. Might as well stay in school.. Though I miss my bed.. Haha!! Okok I’m contradicting myself πŸ˜›

I kinda hate my timetable.. 3 days I have lessons till 5.30 / 6pm. Wed I have yoga class till 7pm. Leaving only Friday where my lessons end at 1130. So busy.. My tutorials are piling up!! And I need at least 8 hours of sleep everyday, else I’ll have headaches.. *sob* Dying le.. This sem sure fail at least 1 module.. Have got a strong premonition about it.

My conference chairperson called to jio me for some YEC dinner @ Jurong East. ^^ Though it’s not very far, feel kinda wierd if I really go down.. Every1 I dunno leh.. Somemore by the time I reach, the event should be ending soon le.. Though my chair say he will wait lah.. But erm.. Dun wanna waste his time lah.. He gotta go back school for meeting. So ya.. I didn’t go.. Thanx Des for the invitation πŸ™‚ I erm.. feel honoured. Jigg almost used a hammer to knock me for not going.. lol

I think I should sleep soon.. if I want to reach school in the morning tomorrow.. Yes it’s a Sunday.. Gotta go back wash clothes and finish wire-wrapping.. Lab on Monday.. :S