hua-chi-ing in action

Haha.. I don’t think I was drunk.. Drank only one third of the wine glass.. White wine.. Argh.. No more next time.. I hate the taste! LOL!

I’m really in one of my hua-chi mood again. *oops* Ya AGAIN.. WHY is it happening again ?!

Had a very crappy conversation with my WORLDview chairperson today. Half an hour worth of crappiness on the phone. Haha! Been ages since I had such a gd laugh 😉

Hmm did I mention I signed up for Yoga class? Went for the first lesson today. Not a bad experience, all slow motions but yet allows me to stretch my un-exercised muscles. Shiok. Feeling more refresh now. At the same time yesterday, I was already dead tired. Not bad.. shall work harder next week!