6 Jan isn’t a good day

Woke up feeling hungry (from a not-so-filling dinner the day before) this morning. Had always been a (bad) habit of not having breakfast at home, so off I left for office with a growling stomach.

Saw my bus coming and decided to run for it, only to be slowed down by the pain-instilling knee. (i think it’s a sign i need more calcium?)

[I think what’s worth mentioning was that the little boy I met at the bus stop was cute! He had a Woody toy in hand and kept pressing the button!]

Shopping during lunch was crazy. Spent quite sometime at Esprit trying to find things to buy (the 2 items we wanna buy didn’t meet the min-$150 for the Esprit membership, had to find another item to hit $150 as well as to get a 15% off the items, on top of the sale discount). After almost 30mins, we left with a $153 purchase of which $105 was my contribution lol)

Had an overrun meeting (which I’m perfectly fine with since it doesn’t happen everyday for me) that ended at close to 7pm, didn’t have time for dinner before class. Only managed to eat some nuggets but the stomach wasn’t satisfied (to the extent that it is still growling now as I type).

Was supposed to meet Norman-さん after class, but he forgot to bring the electronic dictionary that he helped me to buy in Japan.

Decided to cab home instead. Got on cab and entered PIE at Stevens to realize there’s traffic jam. All thanks to the powerful Google Map in the iPhone (which indicated the jam started at BKE), the driver exited at Adam. But that’s the start of the other traffic jam! Sigh. Next alternative was to go by Holland.

Thankfully it was smooth traffic. By the time I reached Clementi Road, the meter said “$14.80”.

So a less than $10 cab ride turned out to be $21.50. It’s crazy!

Ended the eventful day with Royce Chocolate’s Nutty Bar. Sinful but I think I need the treat tonight.

And oh the iPhone was lagging terribly as I typed this entry on the WordPress app. Possible due to low battery? It days 8% now.

Sigh. The lack of sleep over the past few days is taking effect now. Feeling super lethargic. Heading off to sleep now, before the stomach starts another war.

Good night , or rather, good morning! πŸ™‚
ηš†γ•γ‚“ γŠδΌ‘γΏγͺさい!

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