Marina Bay Sands

Just like many curious Singaporeans, I paid a visit to the Marina Bay Sands on the first weekend of its opening.

That’s how the building looks like – the 3 pillars with the spaceship on top 😀 And the long metallic creature, is what people are curious about too – the Helix bridge. The entire bridge is built on water.

Started off with the hotel section. I particularly liked this lobby – the Japanese look of it.

Got this inspiration from JK, who was my tour guide for the day.

Looking up? or down?

I think this photo can be a good Math question. How many symmetry lines are there? LOLs. That’s actually what you see, when you stand in the middle of one of the 3 towers (or pillars, when you see the first photo) and look up.

If you have a chance to look at this pillar, those “lines” are actually holes, that are aircon vents! Interesting concept!

Over at the shopping section, there’s nothing special.. except..

Does this scene look familiar? Except that there’s no water running now. Remember the scene from 宫? Where Caijing went to Macau to look for Shin, the place they met to “officially” breakup? Different structure, but the idea is there, no? 😀 Now I don’t need to travel to Macau to experience it.. hahaha

As with the normal rules, photos are prohibited at the Casino area.

A random view from outside the shopping area..

Pretty amazed at how my camera can perform. The above photo was taken with the 10x optical zoom 🙂

Can you tell what’s wrong with the above photo?

Answer’s in my facebook album 😛

Oh yes.. thank  you JK for being the tour guide! Pretty informative! 🙂

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  1. Good entry. At least i now have some idea of how it looks like…am thinking of visiting when the novelty dies down.

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